Friday, April 15, 2011

K is for Karyat

Family: Laernu

Branch: Sarnith

Latin name: Bos diabolus

Status: Endangered (Est. pop. 150 total, 50% M/F distribution)

As a Laernu, this demon is able to control UV radiation; if mixed with other wavelengths, it has limited control over those, as well. It is also burned by seawater. Since it is of the Sarnith branch, it has vulnerabilities to fire.

Karyat demons are mid-size for Laernu, averaging 7'5". They are covered in thick, red-to-black fur, and have hooves. They also have a double row of spikes down their backs, but are otherwise human. They fight with fists or a large axe.

A Karyat can only be killed complete immersion in sea-water, or burning. However, it will take d4-1 weeks to regenerate if it is "killed" by any other means, during which it is vulnerable.

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