Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New spell: Firesight

Kiri walked slowly through the flames and smoke, her brother Golim beside her. As they walked, the people ran backwards through the streets, and the flames fled buildings. Further, and it was reduced to a single point: A roof, set ablaze by a Kadrin spy.

Firesight (Innate)

Level 1

Range: Self

Duration: Until dispelled.

This spell allows the caster(s) to see the full history of anywhere there has been a fire, though it grows hazy the further they are from the location is was at (a maximum of 5 feet from it). Thus, it is usually used in places that have burned down.

Note: This is not limited to the time from the fire's start to the fire's end; the restriction is locational only.

Also, you may recognize the name Golim from the sussuration spell. It is, in fact, the same person.

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