Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Expanded Expansion!

Plug in. Check statuses.

"Find: Talsi Garroway"

"Name: Not found. Sex: Not found. Race: Not found. Age: Not found."

Missing? Or run off? Either way, she might need help. After all, you don't run from nothing...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flash Fearsday

Flash Fearsday is a microfiction challenge: Write a horror story in exactly 140 characters. It was started at Porky's Expanse!; however, Porky was unable to continue hosting it, at which point it moved to here. What will you create for the challenge?

Expansion 9: Missing

Plug in. Check statuses.

"There's Talsi."

"Entry: Name - Missing. Entry: Sex - Missing. Entry: Age - Missing."


Note: This will be written up in expanded (pun intended) form.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairy Dust Harvesting Part 1

You need a live (or dead, for some varieties, but those are rare), fairy.

Then, it depends on what type you want.

Standard Dust: This is just normal Fairy Dust. Find a fairy who's terrible at cleaning, then give them a house. You can use a variety of materials ranging from milk or eggnog to moonshine, depending on the type of Fairy, to get them out of the house. Then, you sweep/dust, etc.. Make sure enough time has gone by to get a good supply.

Necromantic Dust: Used for resurrecting things ranging from bodies to projects. You'll need a dead fairy, preferably dried. Then they should be reconstituted in Water of Life, and mummified in Natron that was harvested from a graveyard. The fairy is then ground whole.

Fell Dust: Used mostly for curses or summoning some of the nastier things out there. You'll want them to be awake*. Then, you remove their wings with a specially prepared knife (Use Alik, Niri and H'tar runes on the blade). Be sure to keep them in a binding circle, to prevent side-effects. Fairies are nasty when it comes to those. After that, you'll need to boil the wings in a Black Cauldron. After that, you'll need to dry them using stored sunlight in the dark of the moon. Then you can grind up the dried wings.

Note: It is suggested that you keep the fairy in a spherical dreamcatcher for your safety.

*Because the emotional residue is important for this one. You need the fairy dust to be infused with terror and pain for this type.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Game: Progress Update

It's still going. I've added a skill system and worked quite a bit on magic. I have some problems with balance though, so it's going to take more work. And I still haven't gotten melee combat fixed... So, progress is somewhat slow. Probably not going to help that I have a play coming up, but that's life.

Also, go check out Wolves for the Wolf God. Not only is it a cool blog, the owner is doing a giveaway.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flash Fearsday Back Again

Flash Fearsday is a microfiction challenge: Write a horror story in exactly 140 characters. It was started at Porky's Expanse!; however, Porky was unable to continue hosting it, at which point it moved to here. What will you create for the challenge?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Worldboating - The Wreck of the Samiar

A twisted ruin, charred and blasted metal, with broken bodies floating in the corridors. Spheres of blood, thin and white, float through the air. In those places where the skin of the ship - far more fragile in this universe, a result of the recompilation that was forced when it came here - has not been melted away, there are thousands of small holes, clearly formed by projectiles, not lasers or other advanced weaponry, as the metal is deformed inward. In these sections, the corpses are not recognizable as such, and it is only clear that there were people within them by the fine mist that fills the rooms and halls, a byproduct of the inhabitants being shredded like cheese, or, more accurately, an orange put through a blender.

The question remains - who, or what, did this? And, more importantly, are they still nearby?

Creative Commons License
Worldboating - The Wreck of the Samiar by Connor Hallowell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Friday, May 13, 2011

40K: Vehicular Markings: Glyphs

These are some of the different markings I'm going to use to differentiate between transports, when I actually get around to starting an army.

1s are straight lines, 0s are dots. "."s are spacers, and "-"s are to separate symbols

And it's back...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Community Table: D? Random Spaceport People

  1. A Junior Collections Officer of the E-Commerce Internet Implementation and Troubleshooting Branch of the (Insert company or government here)'s Bureau of Software Troubleshooting and Acquisition.
  2. Senior Field Programmer for Telecommunications Code Acquisition and Installation Division of the Web-based Software Administration Division, which is a sub-section of the Agency of Telecommunications Intranet Programming.
  3. Security personnel for the Bureau of Database Backup and Mainframe Development.
  4. Crew of the Pachyderm class fighter Tarrasque.
  5. A roguish tramp-freighter captain and his brawny alien co-pilot [Trey]
  6. Youth from a peaceful world trying to hire fighters to help defend his home against an invading alien force [Trey]
  7. A pacifist monk in saffron garb handing out pamphlets and trying to convince people to give up their life of lust, greed and violence to become "one with the Great Uba". [The Acrobatic Flea]
  8. Gang of rowdy grav-ball fans celebrating their team's victory as noisily and boisterously as possible. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  9. Gang of rowdy grav-ball fans angrily venting their annoyance at their team's defeat as loudly and violently as possible. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  10. An anthropomorphic vending machine. [Porky]
  11. A temporal anomaly running out of time. [Porky]
  12. A team of escaped cargo hunters, either a) cargo hunters absent without leave or b) hunters of sentient cargo. [Porky]
  13. A hard-light hologram with a memory glitch, believing he/she is still soft light. [Porky]
  14. A group of avatars for spaceport people designers separated by vast distances. [Porky]
  15. A smug Gler. [Porky]
  16. Echoes of past lives triggered by the previous year's timebomb. [Porky]
  17. A nano-cloud disguised as a bucket seat. [Porky]
  18. An invisible nothingness. [Porky]
  19. A protocol android training the waste receptacles. [Porky]
  20. A silicon chip fat vat driver delivering top-ups to the automated food concessions. [Porky]
  21. A tall, strangely dressed man stepping out of a tall blue box with the word "Police" written on it. He is followed by an attractive red-haired human female and both are looking around quizzically. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  22. A oneupman looking for his ship. [Porky]
  23. A cyborg stalker. [Porky]
  24. An uplifted Old Earth species: 1) pig; 2) flea; 3) 3. monkey; 4. rabbit; 5. wombat; 6. gnu; 7. ostrich; 8. emu; 9. dolphin; 10. parrot}} [The Acrobatic Flea] [Porky]
  25. A mojo on its way back. [Porky]
  26. A glitterball starmap technician. [Porky]
  27. A worldboat janitorial robot ( [Porky]
  28. A jack-of-all-traders with merchandise. [Porky]
  29. A castaway from a highly advanced civilisation, marooned. [Porky]
  30. A travelator companiomatic. [Porky]
  31. A short, strangely dressed man stepping out of a tall blue box with the word "Police" written on it. He is followed by an attractive dark-haired human female and both are looking around quizzically. [Porky]
  32. A pair of metal-heads stumbling out of a telephone box saying strange things like: "Whoa! Party on, dude! Wyld Stallyns! 69, dude!", and making odd gestures. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  33. God - on a tea break. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  34. A troupe of mime artists. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  35. A shifty old man in a brown hooded robe, trying not to be seen. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  36. A stream of scantily clad women being chased by a short, bald man in a string vest and an out-of-breath milkman, wearing round spectacles. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  37. A trans-dimensional procession of the damned ( [Porky]
  38. A hovercab driver with a telepathic placard. [Porky]
  39. A sharply-dressed catman carrying 1D8 trays of fish. [Porky]
  40. A Connecticut Yankee. [Porky]
  41. The Rolling Stones on a comeback tour. [Porky]
  42. Life, the universe and everything; roll again unless five minutes or fewer till session end. [Porky]
  43. A major satis faction, with a 50% chance of a rival faction in pursuit. [Porky]
  44. A long distance runner approaching the halfway mark. [Porky]
  45. A noospheric news anchor. [Porky]
  46. A rather scruffy looking human - they still exist? - smelling faintly of vindaloo. [Porky]
  47. A man looking rather like the pilot in 5, but narrating himself. [Porky]
  48. Ziggy: 1) the supercomputer; 2) Stardust; 3) Grover. [Porky]
  49. An underage streetwalker who has run away from her abusive pimp called 'Sport'. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  50. A space-taxi driver hawking for business. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  51. Tourists who would like you to take their photograph. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  52. Tourists who would like to take your photograph. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  53. Tourists who would like to ask you for directions. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  54. Monkeys (because everything's better with monkeys). [The Acrobatic Flea]
  55. The Great Uba. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  56. . Young blonde girl in a blue dress asking if you've seen the "white rabbit". [The Acrobatic Flea]
  57. Large-eared, big-nosed, brown-skinned aliens with pointed teeth and slightly squeaky voices trying to make a deal - offering strips of latinum. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  58. A Transportation Security Administration heavy demanding to give you a full cavity search. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  59. A space hopper. [Porky]
  60. A grey-bearded, hopeless romantic slumped beneath the atomic clock, extinct space flora in hand. [Porky]
  61. The wives and girlfriends of the aliens in 59. [Porky]
  62. The Moon Free Decency Inspectorate drawn by word of the wives and girlfriends in 64.
  63. Wally. [Porky]
  64. A beast, with two packs. [Porky]
  65. A litter disintegrator. [Porky]
  66. A piece of long-discarded chewing gum now grown sentient and proclaiming the independence of its armrest. [Porky]
  67. Summerov. [Porky]
  68. A small bird-like creature only stopping at exits. [Porky]
  69. The Last: 1) Starfighter; 2) Action Hero; 3) Boys (of Neverland, 1D6, with a 50% chance of the immortal ringleader and small winged familiar); 4) Boys (of Santa Carla, 1D8, as vampire); World (2D10 large reptiles of various species); 5) of the Mohicans; 6) and the Damned (use counts as); 7) ... [Porky]
  70. An express elevator to hell attendant. [Porky]
  71. A loud and determined toaster. [Porky]
  72. A minor deity launching miniature thunderbolts from the roof truss. [Porky]
  73. The white rabbit. [Porky]
  74. Your Momma [The Acrobatic Flea]
  75. A random character from one of your other campaigns. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  76. A vid crew making a Tri-D documentary about people who visit space ports. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  77. Superman (or, at least, someone dressed like him). [The Acrobatic Flea]
  78. A drug dealer pedaling "deathsticks". [The Acrobatic Flea]
  79. A small child crying because (1-4) he (4-8) she (9-10) it cannot find its mother. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  80. A depressed, paranoid android with a brain the size of a planet and a pain in all the diodes down its left side. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  81. A crying mother looking for her lost child. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  82. A gathering of quite aggressive panhandlers who REALLY want your small change. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  83. A large gathering of boisterous and flirtatious female aliens, dressed in outrageous fancy dress, on a "hen weekend". [The Acrobatic Flea]
  84. A sporcery guild salesman ( [Porky]
  85. A brain in a jar. [Porky]
  86. A rather distressed-looking young human and his wide-eyed, white-haired older companion, the latter invoking a deity named 'Great Scott'. [Porky]
  87. A lifejimbutnotasweknowit. [Porky]
  88. A cyclepath (a very low-level telepath). [Porky]
  89. A scruffy looking human slave being pushed about by a gang of gorillas wearing leather armour. Eventually the human will snap and cry out: "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty apes!" At which point anything could happen... [The Acrobatic Flea]
  90. The Lizard King [The Acrobatic Flea]
  91. Hunter S Thompson - just as the drugs kick in (80% chance he is armed) [The Acrobatic Flea]
  92. A musical troupe performing "easy listening" muzak on a variety of native instruments. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  93. A clone of your most famous ancestor - who he is none too happy with the mess you've made of your life. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  94. Cthulhu. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  95. A dashing omni-sexual rogue, airforce pilot and renegade Time Agent who offers to whisk you away for great adventures and some 'no-strings-attached' naughtiness. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  96. You meet yourself going in the opposite direction and both agree that this whole idea was a bad one. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  97. A small, green-skinned, alien wise man with large ears and an inability to speak in grammatically correct sentences who warns you that "fear leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side", adding "do or do not, there is no try" and other sage advice. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  98. Roll twice and combine results. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  99. Nothing, just: 1) swamp gas; 2) a weather balloon; 3) [Porky] 3)a plastic bag caught on a breeze; 4) tumbleweed; 5) a bell tolling in the distance; 6) crickets chirping}} [The Acrobatic Flea]
  100. An unrelenting humanoid robot. [Porky]
  101. A man holding up a placard, with a large arrow and ancient runes on that read: 1) Golf Sale; 2) Apartments For Rent; 3)Free Puppies; 4) Car Valeting Service; 5) [The Acrobatic Flea] 6) Hello Direct Female Progenitor; 7) Hello Feline; 8) Make Star Loves not Wars; 9) Just Respond Verbally in the Negative; 10) Resistance Is Futile; 11) I Want To Believe; 12)
  102. A rather eager woman in a wedding dress trying to catch the eye of any man who has just arrived. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  103. A waste receptacle manoeuvring for the space flora bouquet in 104.
  104. An invisible id. [Porky]
  105. A vermicious knid. [Porky]
  106. A Nigerian prince who really has $8,000,000,000 locked away in a vault and just needs your bank details to free the money up (you'll get 10%, of course!) [The Acrobatic Flea]
  107. The two-headed, three-armed President Of The Galaxy - who doesn't mind sharing a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster with you if you'll listen to him talk about himself for several hours. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  108. A talent scout. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  109. A scout walker. [Porky]
  110. A small furry creature hunting the scout walker in 111. [Porky]
  111. A poor use of CGI. [Porky]
  112. A raygun caddy. [Porky]
  113. A thing. [Porky]
  114. A large Nordic hammer that no-one can move. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  115. The Twitter Fail Whale [The Acrobatic Flea]
  116. A Pushmi-Pullyu [The Acrobatic Flea]
  117. A man talking to a gathering of 3d6 local animals. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  118. A drunk businessman having a conversation with an invisible rabbit. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  119. A depressed banker having a conversation with an invisible angel. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  120. Buddy Holly. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  121. A glitch in reality. [Porky]
  122. A space cowboy, returning. [Porky]
  123. A fantastic mystery star fox. [Porky]
  124. A space pest exterminator, either a) an exterminator of space pests or b) a space pest who exterminates. [Porky]
  125. A firehider ant, employed to prevent the prehistoric creatures living in the service tunnels progressing beyond the stone age. [Porky]
  126. A gas giant, stooping to avoid the ceiling extractor fans. [Porky]
  127. A gaseous anomaly, surrounded by an additional 1D6 spaceport people, all red-faced. [Porky]
  128. A dog star carrying a copy of The Daily Telepath. [Porky]
  129. A traveling salesman from the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation with a briefcase bulging full of "Why So Sirius?" promotional brochures. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  130. A juggler [The Acrobatic Flea]
  131. Someone you were trying to avoid. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  132. Someone you were looking for. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  133. A one-legged, salty sea dog with a treasure map. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  134. A blind beggar who threatens you with "the black spot" if you hassle him. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  135. Why, if it isn't Uncle 1)Ben; 2)Owen; 3) Man From... [The Acrobatic Flea]
  136. A talking horse [The Acrobatic Flea]
  137. A horse of a different colour [The Acrobatic Flea]
  138. An intelligent kangeroo that tells you "Timmy is trapped down the well". [The Acrobatic Flea]
  139. Mr Rogers (he was in the neighbourhood) [The Acrobatic Flea]
  140. A strange man, human in appearance. He is riding a horse, and will listen intently to anyone. When they have finished their story he will say, in a very rare tone that implies (well, more states with great vigor) he actually does, "I believe you". He is most likely not well versed in the idiom of the area, so it is extremely unwise to tell him to "Go jump off a cliff" or similar phrases.
  141. A big angry strawberry blonde irishman lurking with a facial disfiguration and a grudge. [The Angry Lurker]
  142. A living table, upsetting beverages every time it has to move its legs in. [Porky]
  143. A chair man, irate at the bad manners - and personal hygiene - of the other travellers. [Porky]
  144. An upset beverage: 1) lost; 2) luggage lost; 3) delayed; 4) ... [Porky]
  145. A bad manner. [Porky]
  146. A B.I.D (Book Implantation Device). It allows you to enter any book, and bring people out with you if you wish. Often used for "What if" situations in history classes.
  147. A casual table (smoking a cigarette and not really bothered by anything) [The Acrobatic Flea]
  148. An easy chair (giving you a wink) [The Acrobatic Flea]
  149. 157. A rocking chair, at least until the band in 41 and singer in 122 catch their connection.[Porky]
  150. 158. A dining table; if beside the chair in 156, laid and set. [Porky]
  151. 159. A bar stool, also surrounded by an additional 1D6 spaceport people, all red-faced. [Porky]
  152. 160. A kitchen counter, busy because it's a heck of a big spaceport. [Porky]
  153. A distinguished looking elderly man with pointed ears who will announce (1-3) "I am Spock" or (4-6) "I am not Spock", give a Vulcan salute and hopes you "live long and prosper" before moving on. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  154. A recursive meme [The Acrobatic Flea]
  155. A small child who has run away from home and wants to see "the stars" with "real adventurers". [The Acrobatic Flea]
  156. A fast-food vendor [The Acrobatic Flea]
  157. Some fast food running away from its vendor. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  158. A lizard, making the man in 161 nervous. [Porky]
  159. A tired trope. [Porky]
  160. An unreal adventurer. [Porky]
  161. A fast-food buyer, with an eye on the snoozing travellers. [Porky]
  162. Slow food, caught. [Porky]
  163. A kid in a hoodie sticking up fly posters for his band's gig. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  164. A graffiti artist in mid-spray [The Acrobatic Flea]
  165. A red-haired supermodel who announces: "face it, tiger... you just hit the jackpot!" [The Acrobatic Flea]
  166. A gang of cats with opposable thumbs, looking quite menacing. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  167. Father Christmas... on holiday. [The Acrobatic Flea]
  168. Parallel universe versions of your entire party. Or are you the parallel universe versions of them? [The Acrobatic Flea]
  169. Clumsy tech on a ladder fumbles his variable laser... [JDJarvis]
  170. Two people in mismatched clothes, hiring bodyguards. There will be 2d20 of them, and most will have a Gift (Psychic abilities, ranging from telekinesis, to the ability to wound without touching, heightened speed or short range teleportation).
  171. A rocket-propelled darts player, either a) a player of rocket-propelled darts or b) a darts player with a powerful form of personal locomotion; possibly linked with 136. Porky
  172. A cult leader, either a) a leader of a cult or b) a leader enjoying a non-mainstream popularity; accompanied by 2D4 cultists / fans as appropriate. Porky
  173. An astronought (an entity with no presence in space). Porky
  174. An astronor (an entity with no presence in time or space). Porky
  175. An Astrognaw (a spacefaring rodent). Porky
  176. An ashtray physicist, studying the butts in the smoking area. Porky
  177. A spacecraft spotter. Porky
  178. A space porter. Porky
  179. A port spacer (a spaceperson who sits on the left). Porky
  180. A starboard spacer (a spaceperson who sits on the right). Porky
  181. A space centre (a spaceperson who sits in the middle). Porky
  182. A star boarder (a bold - and rather singed - space pirate). Porky
  183. A bored starer, daydreaming while waiting for a flight. Porky
  184. A short, bald, gnomish man with a big nose and ears reading a furniture magazine about tables. Captain Kellen
  185. A transplanted 21st Century retired soldier waiting for the next time ship to take him home. Captain Kellen
  186. Brittany Spears singing 'Oops I did it again' in the lounge even though she is 167 years old. Captain Kellen
  187. A small boy named Thomas Kellen. Captain Kellen
  188. The Silver Surfer The Acrobatic Flea
  189. A stray mongrel dog with a space helmet on. She speaks with a Russian accent. The Acrobatic Flea
  190. A giant walking tree - capable of only saying: "I am Groot" in different intonations - and a laser pistol-packing raccoon in a retro space suit. The Acrobatic Flea
  191. A giant walking tree saying to passers-by: "There, there, don't be so hasty, little hobbits." The Acrobatic Flea
  192. Oberon King of the fairies. Captain Kellen
  193. Patrick Cooley complaining of the lack of sand in distant lands. Captain Kellen
  194. A chef dressed in red named David Mitchie eating vanilla custard and something... red. Captain Kellen
  195. A clone of Madonna is singing 'Material Girl' in a corner for pocket credits. Captain Kellen
  196. A blue gelatin blob named 'Bob' is trying to 'pick-up' a bowl of jello with fruit in it. Captain Kellen
  197. A doppler-ganger (a variable intensity mafioso). Porky
  198. Serpentine lifeforms hoping to make it onto a spaceplane. Porky
  199. A one-man banned, being evicted again. Porky
  200. A one-amoeba banned, being evicted again and again. Porky
  201. A sentient gear wheel off to start a new life, no longer a cog in the machine. Porky
  202. An interstellar conga line. Porky
  203. An interstellar conger eel. Porky
  204. Colonel Saunders eating hamburger. Captain Kellen
  205. A golden dragon. Captain Kellen
  206. A cyborg with his voice box stuck on the phrase 'I'll be back.' Captain Kellen
  207. A clone of Charlie Sheen handing out 'pamphlets'. Captain Kellen
  208. An amphibious bottle nosed creature named 'Flipper' is looking for the pool. Captain Kellen
  209. A rodent named Ralph is looking for a motorcycle and a helmet. Captain Kellen
  210. An insurance salesman. Captain Kellen
  211. An overweight human dressed in leather and frills is singing 'I ain't nothin but a hound dog' on his way to a slot machine. Captain Kellen
  212. A figure trying (unsuccessfully) to hide in the shadows. The Acrobatic Flea
  213. A line of ducks. The Acrobatic Flea
  214. A trio of men (one grey-haired, smoking a cigar; one blonde and smiling; one wearing a leather jacket, baseball cap and manic glint in his eye) are arguing with their muscular black friend, who is sporting a Mohican and lots of gold jewellery and shouting: "I ain't gettin' on no spaceship!" The Acrobatic Flea
  215. A chorus of Sirius Cybernetics androids singing their company song - "Share & Enjoy" - slightly out of key. The Acrobatic Flea
  216. A clone ranger - rounding up all the errant clones that have been spotted in the spaceport. The Acrobatic Flea
  217. Yar, King of Gate 4, and the ships Security Officer who is very much more handsome and intelligent than his arch-nemesis No150 The Angry Lurker. Ray Rousell
  218. The Ships entertainment - Buddy Cochran, a robot who sings 50's Rock'n'Roll tunes by Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran. Ray RousellThree space vixens in gaudy, skin tight costumes with headaches - just returning from vacation, lost everything. Matt
  219. A Liloc demon. He came up on the elevator.
  220. A ghost in a machine. Porky
  221. A mechanical ghost crab. Porky
  222. A cray-fish. Porky
  223. A galaxy-class starfish. Porky
  224. A noctopus, responsible for the inky blackness of space. Porky
  225. A space cucumber. Porky
  226. A faster-than-light driver. Porky
  227. An impulse engineer. Porky
  228. A phaser banker. Porky
  229. Chuck Norris The Acrobatic Flea
  230. Some bicycle thieves The Acrobatic Flea
  231. Some reservoir dogs The Acrobatic Flea
  232. A dirty dozen The Acrobatic Flea
  233. Some wild geese The Acrobatic Flea
  234. 1d6 borg looking to assimilate you The Acrobatic Flea
  235. 1d6 cybermen looking to upgrade you The Acrobatic Flea
  236. 1d6 cylons looking to kill you The Acrobatic Flea
  237. The Galactic Pope in his Galactic Pope-mobile The Acrobatic Flea
  238. The pope smoking dope The Acrobatic Flea
  239. The pope on a rope The Acrobatic Flea
  240. A tin tinnabulation. Porky
  241. A specialist in robo-tics. Porky

  242. A light sabre-toothed tiger, either a) a sabre-toothed tiger formed of light, whether i) soft light, ii) hard light, or iii) slow light, or 2) a tiger with light sabres in place of teeth. Porky
  243. A sun dog, with a 20% chance of 1D20 lightning bugs, each followed after 1D10 seconds by a thunder cat. Porky
  244. A saucerer (a UFO-piloting magician). Porky
  245. A saucerheiress (next in line for a UFO-manufacturing fortune). Porky
  246. A sunbather (not easy when the water evaporates long before arrival). Porky
  247. A pair of sweet-smelling and sticky honeymooners. PorkyThe cow that jumped over the moon, heading back. Porky
  248. The dish and the spoon, running away. Porky
  249. The kitchen sink. Porky
  250. 1D6 of living quarters, arguing over whether they should spend their vacation and themselves in the arcade, the vending machines (# 10 looks on with interest), or the laundry. Jennie
  251. A broom-handled mouser, sweeping the room for mice, and purring intermittently. Jennie
  252. A crowd, gathered around a charred and melted ship on display at the Martian embassy. The name, partly obscured but still readable, is Thunderchild.
  253. A Mobius stripper, muttering something to herself about one-sided relationships. Jennie A representative of a non-Euclidean species. Porky
  254. A family of breeder reactors. Porky
  255. A chained reactionary. Porky
  256. An equal and opposite reactionary. Porky
  257. An unchained (mind-)meldee. Porky

Wait-y Things (Porky's Blogwalk - Dissonance 3)

The beast's fur ripples, as its bones lengthen, and muscles grow. After several pops, a click or two, and a very odd grinding noise, the rabbit - now standing hip-high, with long, curved, teeth and claws, as well as quills and a much longer tail - falls to the ground.*

You stand still, shocked, waiting for the end. Strangely, however, all you feel is a rubbing on your legs. In your mind you hear, "Well, are you just going to stand there, or shall we move on?".

Attempt to "speak" with it.


Kill it! (or try, anyway)

Continue on your way, with or without it.

*Feel free to put this at the top of your continuation of the previous post - or not, whichever!

"Nasty Sharp Teeth!" (Porky's Blogwalk - Dissonance 2)

You leap back from the frozen animal, with a word in a disused tongue on your lips. It was taught to you by your uncle, now dead... Though he hasn't said anything about things growing, as that strange rabbit in front of you is! Or gaining claws and fangs...



Try more words, quick!

Wait blog one blog two

V is for Villainous Schemes

By which I mean what my mage, Kasiv, is going to be getting up to, if possible. Dorian, another mage, has Sleep. Kasiv needs money. Skalfier has no banks.

Not seeing the connection? We have an arrangement that he'll Sleep any goblins, Kobolds, etc. the he runs across and leave them alive. Skalfier not having banks means that there's no real source of loans. I'd say three or four goblins will be a match for zero-level commoners, wouldn't you?

Yep. Kasiv is planning on going into business as a loanshark, and using groups of low-level monsters to make sure that everyone pays him back.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

U is for Using the Ships

This post on Telecanter's made me think about using some things I made a while ago for wargaming.

So, here they are.

If you decide to use them, please let me know!

Flash Fearsday's Here Again

Flash Fearsday is a microfiction challenge: Write a horror story in exactly 140 characters. It was started at Porky's Expanse!; however, Porky was unable to continue hosting it, at which point it moved to here. What will you create for the challenge?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

S is for Saturday Centus

"...Although a traditional first anniversary gift is paper corpses*, slaves are also acceptable, as are weapons.

*Intense pheromone production during the first mating cycles renders giving real ones unwise, though they are often gifted during later ones."

See also: Nhoh, The Worldboats.

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