Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Nasty Sharp Teeth!" (Porky's Blogwalk - Dissonance 2)

You leap back from the frozen animal, with a word in a disused tongue on your lips. It was taught to you by your uncle, now dead... Though he hasn't said anything about things growing, as that strange rabbit in front of you is! Or gaining claws and fangs...



Try more words, quick!

Wait blog one blog two


  1. So, a question for you all:

    Is it bad etiquette to make a follow up to your own scene?

  2. Not at all. I've certainly done it. Other takes on a given option should always be possible too, so no one who wants to try something different ought to be locked out.

    There are no options here, which makes me wonder if it's a death scene. If it is, feel free to write that in. Here's how I did the first and only so far, but you don't need to follow the pattern, or even the rebirth idea:

    If it's not an end, and there'll be combat, things will get interesting..! We have no mechanism for automating it so it will need to be narrative, at least for now. If so, we'll have to be careful in later scenes in the same track to match up injuries and weapons. The idea of a chase is a possibility too, as with the rotting men.

    I'm working on another short scene too, right back in the original clearing by the stream, taking into account the scene at Warpstone Flux and getting all of the blogs involved back within two or three clicks of the latest post.

  3. Hang on - how does this fit in?

    If it is dissonance, one of us can leave this link at ArmChairGeneral's ( and you can copy the first few lines of mine into the top of yours, or write a new intro as you prefer, basically to have it lead in directly from his.

    Here are mine up until this point:

    At the instant you wonder how you might trap one, another of the rabbits bounds into view, immediately in front of you and no more than a stride away. What luck!

    It pauses, as if surprised too, then leaps again... And freezes - in mid-air!

  4. It's a dissonance in the sense that this is in the Other-world, not the first one. This is after the transport, right?

  5. Yes, it is, further down the streambed from the bridge. In that case, I've added another option to the list - moving away - and linked from that.