Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wait-y Things (Porky's Blogwalk - Dissonance 3)

The beast's fur ripples, as its bones lengthen, and muscles grow. After several pops, a click or two, and a very odd grinding noise, the rabbit - now standing hip-high, with long, curved, teeth and claws, as well as quills and a much longer tail - falls to the ground.*

You stand still, shocked, waiting for the end. Strangely, however, all you feel is a rubbing on your legs. In your mind you hear, "Well, are you just going to stand there, or shall we move on?".

Attempt to "speak" with it.


Kill it! (or try, anyway)

Continue on your way, with or without it.

*Feel free to put this at the top of your continuation of the previous post - or not, whichever!


  1. Once again, you go way beyond! That's out there, and it adds a lot of life.

    I'm guessing this is for the 'wait' option in the previous post. If so, just add the link here - it's no trouble if you want to carry this track on first. If anyone wants to write an alternative later, it's possible.