Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for "Darn it, I tried to write a post and ended up working on the rules to a new game"

Which is exactly what happened when I tried to write my D post earlier. Argh...

Now it looks like I'm going to be working on that in my spare time.


  1. D is also for "Drat, he's not telling us anything yet..."

  2. @Porky:

    There's not much to tell. I got the other post up though, which may provide some answers.


    I'm a bit confused. What exactly do you mean?

  3. Oh!
    Nevermind :D I'm a bit sleepy now (1 AM here) and I don't know what I meant. Perhaps I didn't understood you at the first moment. Forget about it :-)

  4. Alright. Whatever you meant, the other (most recent, at the time of this comment) post may have your answer.

  5. Yes, it is :-)
    I thought that maybe you are making some new game (rules system or sth :D)

  6. I am. I just haven't posted anything more about it, as I'm hoping to eventually publish it.

  7. Hell yeah! Each new game is good news :-)