Friday, April 1, 2011

A is also for...

Andraegar! This guy is who Kasiv, the mage I'm playing in ChicagoWiz's Wave game, worships.

Andraegar, Lord of Festing and Celebrations:


You must cook and eat at least one rare creature each week. If you have eaten a particular creature before, you may not count it as an offering unless a half-season has passed. Sentient creatures are not exempt, and Elves, littlelings and humans, all count as "rare", though cannibalism is frowned upon. Dwarves, of course, also count for these purposes, which is only natural considering that the last one was seen two hundred years ago.

One spontaneous festival must be held in honor of Adraegar, each half season. (Priests only, though other followers must aid in this if their help is asked).


Andraegar is said to have been a particularly hedonistic human ( There are dissenting accounts which state he was an elf or littleling, but the vast majority of the Elves violently reject this.), who challenged the God of Wine to a drinking contest. After a week or more, he finally passed out, but the God of Wine accepted that he had been a worthy challenger, and he was deified upon awakening. (Also, the hangover was deemed to be punishment enough)


Followers of Andraegar are immune to indigestion, alcohol poisoning, lead poisioning, and stomach diseases, and are resistant to most poisons.


  1. That is a great deity to follow! Although, maybe not on your several week long boat ride...

  2. Good point, though you could buy such things before leaving.

  3. Thanks! Are you going to be doing A-Z challenge posts?

  4. It sounds like fun but probably not. I'm not very consistent with my posts, mainly I just post when I feel like writing on whatever I am thinking about at the time so planning a series is difficult for me.

  5. This is a fun deity. Hope they prevent gallstones too...

  6. I think indigestion and stomach diseases could be stretched to fit.