Friday, April 22, 2011

Farwatcher, Part 1

Thanks to Jensan, of the blog Rustfoot. The character I'm writing about is his, though she is only mentioned in passing.

Such things I've seen. Of course, I don't actually remember any of them. So, perhaps it would be better to say "things I may have seen, but don't know if I have or not". It sounds better the other way. I, it seems, am a Farwatcher, though perhaps not a very good one. After all, I only see things, when someone first speaks to me, but it seems to have nothing to do with them, by all accounts! Still, it tends to be disquieting to most (I remember a sailor, with pale hair and grey eyes, on the Acorn Afloat. He fled, and was far quieter. It was a shame. I liked him...), though not without reason. According to those that will speak to me afterwards, my head twitches, my voice changes, and I talk about things that are strange and unrelated, after which I talk to them normally. I suppose that's why I'm writing this in a journal, not telling my story to someone.