Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Enemies, Natural

Sorry about posting this at 12:02 at night. I know it's a bit late, but I didn't finish it until a couple of minutes ago.

Why don't more species have natural enemies in games? I don't see a reason. So, have some!

Kindosi: Stomach Eater Worm (parasite). The Stomach Eater Worm enters with food, mates, allows the young to grow, and then chews out of the stomach, killing the host and ensuring a food supply.

Shen: Scale-stones (fungus). Scale-stones cause the normally hard, but flexible, scales of a Shen to become brittle, stick together, and lose their flexibility, eventually terminating in petrification.

Kimini: Muscle-rot (unknown). This strange affliction eats all muscular and organ tissue, eventually leaving only skin, bones, and teeth.

Lorhpal: Eiikta (predator). The Eiikta is a pale blue, six legged creature with wings and a tail. The head is circular, and about 2' in diameter on adults, half of which is bone. The surface is dotted with eyes, ears, and nostrils. Legs end in large feet, which have pseudo-mandibles. The tail is actually the mouth and throat.

Hrpha: Sunhawk (predator, swarming). The Sunhawk is a golden, bioluminescent, bird that takes advantage of the Hrpha's natural sensitivity to light. They are intelligent, and have been known to laugh in a strange, bubbling, manner as they feast upon the living creature.

Gumik: Limiat (predator). The Limiat is a bright green lizard with three legs in a tripod formation. Their eyes and nostrils are set into the front of their chests, and their ears in the sides. The neck is long, flexible, and ringed with tentacles.

Tikoggya: Fikiti (predator). The Fikiti is a purple beast with blue eyes, six of them. It has 8 legs, and a wedge shaped, sharp edged head, which it uses to slice open its prey.

Tinalyia: Heart-stop Worm (parasite). These worms take up residence in the heart of a Tinalyia, and grow until they have completely cut off circulation, then eats the strange chemicals produced by such creatures after death.


  1. Wow, those are some really interesting natural enemies. With so many of those it's a wonder those species manage to stay alive at all.

  2. Well, remember, each one is specific to that species, and they aren't always common. For example, most Shen have probably never even heard of Scale-stones.