Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gigacrawler Game - Details

Joining The Wave

To join the Wave, create a Wave account and then click the small "+" in the lower right corner of your contacts. Then type or copy "outermost.toe@googlewave.com" into the address line. Lastly, create a new Wave with me as a member (This could be the character sheet Wave for you - see below), or leave a comment here with the address that appears when you click your name. At that point, I will add you to the Wave for the game.

For your character sheet, please create a Wave with me as a participant and then copy down any relevant information (If you wish to include a race or model field, whether one you've seen or of your own devising, feel free to, but remember to also mark any alterations, as those will be the determining factors rules-wise. Any such field is purely "fluff" though. If you do include one, feel free to make up their history, etc.). Obviously you can use a different one as a reference, but I need one that I can see, and track changes to.

Reasonable adaptations of alterations will be fine, just clear them with me first. For example, if you take Bite or Digestive Fangs, and decide that you're a vampire, that's okay. Taking Exoskeleton and looking normal, probably not, unless you've got a good (Or at least really awesome) case for it.


I'll be ready to run it any time from about 8:00 AM or so onward. This doesn't mean that you're obligated to join at that time, but if you do, it's not a problem. Otherwise, it's fairly flexible.

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