Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worldboats and a Poetry Potluck and J is for Journey... As well as Janitorial Robots

A partially cleaned scrap of graffiti on a Worldboat, translated:

Drea'luktu, savorniu, utaln kaday savru.

We sent them out, beyond our worlds.

Tulrin dukquun, eksardiun.

Far past the lightless suns.

Elmnii emsar neie-evor.

A dying universe we fled.

Janitorial Robot:

These small, floating, pyramidal robots are normally non-threatening, but if they, the Worldboat, a logged passenger, or one of the species which originally built the Worldboat is threatened, they will attack by either spraying harmful chemicals (normally used for cleaning) from one of their points (2d6 damage in a 20' cone), or pouring the same from all points (2d12 damage in a 10' cloud, centered on themselves). They, the ship, and the builders are immune to these chemicals. If the proper apparatus is found, 2d4 specific Janitorial Robots can be controlled telepathically.

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Worldboats and a Poetry Potluck and J is for Journey... As well as Janitorial Robots by Connor Hallowell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.


  1. And just think of the grime that must build up, with all those ectoplasms and whatnot. It's a good idea, for the mechanisms, the potential for control and more sense of the worldboat as a functioning thing, and of course the idea of logged passengers...

  2. Thanks! I have a couple of other ideas for functional things, as well. They should be up soon.

  3. We've added this to the Worldboat Index Page at Netherwerks. We'll get an illustration for the pyramiditorial nanobotties up later today or early tomorrow, depending on the schedule...nice job!