Tuesday, April 26, 2011

P is for Places

More attempts at making random stuff sensible...

The Collective of Provinces is part of the Representative Republic of Territories, which, in turn, is a member of the Electorate of Provinces, a member group of the Collective of Fiefs.

The aforementioned Collective of Fiefs is a segment of the Democratic Coalition of Fiefs, which belongs to the Economic Coalition, all of which are part of the Indivisible Imperium, a small area in the Commonwealth of Territories, which is ruled over by a Benevolent and Sovereign Theocracy.

They are opposed to the Union of States, as it split from the Honorable Empire of Provinces ten years ago, and boasts having taken with it such groups as the Heavenly and Absolute Principality of Prefectures, and the Peaceful Syndicracy Electorate. It is controlled by a Technocratic Government.

Both of them currently pursecute the Gothic Nymph*, as she stole their supplies of Anapoxag (small, rectangular, red pills.). She is being controlled by the Ghostly Beings Of The Slashing Divinity, a prominent member of the Laeris death cults.

*This arrogant female dragonling has narrow eyes the color of alabaster. Her thick, curly, violet hair is worn in a style that reminds you of an elaborate sculpture. She is short and has a voluptuous build. Her skin is white, with sand-colored scales covering her neither regions. Her tongue is forked. She has feet that are more like claws than anythng else. She has concealable wings and a prominent tail. Her wardrobe is plain, with a completely blue and red color scheme. [I have no clue why she's called the Gothic Nymph, except that is sounded more like a name than a currency.]

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