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Notes on Adaptation

My notes for converting Warmachine to work for classic space battles.

All units other than Drones will provide at least one soul token if you take your fleet against a standard group.

On a related note, all ships are piloted. Thus, they act as though under the control of a 'jack marshal.

Ships may have an additional speed, know as their ET (Emergency Thrust) - if they do, it is twice their charging speed, but they cannot attack while using it*, and it takes effect upon their next turn.

Most weapons are optional - the cost for a unit does not include that of non-integral weaponry, which has a separate point cost.

*All ships can ram. This counts as a weapon with a POW of their current speed, and can be used when using their ET.

Talna Kriilnaar Vani

The young fae slipped the poison disc into the shoe. It may seem an odd thing for her to do, but Sticklers had killed her friends long ago.

Note: The title is fae-speech for "The Poison Disc". Also, full credit goes to Trey for the Sticklers.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Space Weapons

Kaimoril-Siiptan Lascluster

POW: 14 ROF: 1 (Roll three times for damage) AOE: -

Usable by: Drones

Point cost: 6

Grav Claw

POW: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: -

If an attack hits, roll D6. On a 1-4 the target cannot take any action.

Usable by: Any

Point cost: 3

Irradiare Turret

POW: 14 ROF: 1 AOE: -

Usable by: Fighters

Point cost: 2

Pilum Missile Launcher

POW: 20 ROF: 2 AOE: 5"

Usable by: Any except Drones

Point cost: 2. Comes with 4 missiles. Additional missiles can be bought for 1 point per missile

Expansion 1

Watching the Raviien fall from the fort's walls, the Hunaal rose to protect its creations.

From the Old Fortress

The sun had just begun to rise, as the stars and moon began to pale the skies. And the fortress in the mountains was the center of its light, as it began to brighten though it was still the night.

Many mages worked around him, as the Chaln began to die; for they sought to keep him there, till the healers could scry. For Death was waiting at the window, he was scratching at door; he fluttered in the rafters, and his staff clicked on the floor! They wrapped him well in magic - it was meant to slow the time. But though they wove the spells correctly, he soon fell into sleep; And as his attendants begged of them, and his queen began to weep, they channeled more into their threads, each binding ever stronger, as the space between his breaths, grew longer and still longer.

[Here I got tired of trying to fit everything into a song, and so what follows is plain words]

And so they ended up trapping the entire area in a bubble of null-time, which is why the sun is permanently just starting to rise there.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragon Slaying By Suicide and Retired Succubi

To kill a dragon by suicide, drink Falsewater, allow the dragon to swallow you, and then gut yourself. The release of Falsewater will cause an explosion in the innards of the beast equivalent to a Fireball.

Succubi eventually retire. When they do, they either become adventurers or merchants. Friendly to PCs.

Unter - Part 2

Okay, the winner is...

Greg Gorgonmilk, with Falsewater, simply because it's cool and you can do so much stuff with it. Anything that lets you breathe fire, cause explosions underwater, or kill a dragon by commiting suicide has got to get used somewhere. The other entries were awesome as well, but Trey's was disqualified for not including an alternate name, and Porky's didn't spark the intense interest in me as soon as I saw it that the Falsewater did. Nothing against it, and I'm starting to get inspired by it now, but it took a bit to get used to the idea, so that might mean my players would have some problems as well. Still, it reminds me of the Daeling in some ways, so it may have been a subconscious inspiration (assuming I don't have Trey's and Porky's confused of course...).

And my original meaning was:

Unter: To exhume a body, especially with necromantic intent. Usually only refers to stealing a corpse from sacred ground.

Community Table: D? Table of Magical Side Effects

This table will be used to generate a random effect that occurs when a mage casts a spell. Please specify whether this is intended to be permanent (I.E., occurs every time the spell is cast by that mage, not the effect will always linger) or determined again the next time the spell is cast. The table will go until it stops.

1. Causes blindness as the spell in 100' for 3d6 days.
2. Causes rain, even indoors.
3. All hair or fur within 12' of the caster (including his or her own) will catch fire.


4. Objects in the immediate vicinity subtly warp. Porky
5. Insects and rodents swarm from hiding places. Porky
6. The caster moves back in time by several seconds. Porky

7. A random inanimate object within 60' becomes animate - and frisky! The Acrobatic Flea

8. Spellcaster changes skin colour for 1d6 hours. Roll on sub-table -
(1) Blue
(2) Red
(3) Orange
(4) Mauve
(5) Green
(6) Yellow

The Acrobatic Flea

9. A random inanimate object within 120' explodes (blast radius 10') causing 1d8 damage. The Acrobatic Flea

10. Spellcaster's clothing evaporates (only non-magical garments). The Acrobatic Flea

11. Spellcaster soils himself. The Acrobatic Flea

12. Random finger on spellcaster's hands turns into a tiny tentacle for 2d10 days. The Acrobatic Flea

The Acrobatic Flea said...

13. Caster loses (1-3)/gains (4-6) 2d10lb weight (permanent). The Acrobatic Flea

14. Caster grows (1-3)/shrinks (4-6) 1d12" in height (permanent). The Acrobatic Flea

15. Caster grows little horns on top of his head for 1d3 weeks. The Acrobatic Flea

16. Caster ages (1-3)/gets younger (4-6) by 2d6 years. The Acrobatic Flea

17. Caster develops nauseating body odour which increases chances of attracting a random wandering monster. This lasts for 1d6 hours and cannot be removed prematurely by bathing. The Acrobatic Flea

18. Caster is irrevocably wiped from the space/time continuum... for 1d30 minutes then returns to exactly the same spot with no recollection of lost time. The Acrobatic Flea

19. Regardless of what caster is standing on a field of yellow and white daisies pop up in a 1d6 x 5' radius circle around him. The Acrobatic Flea

20. Caster changes sex (1-4 male to female/female to male; 5 Androgynous; 6. both sexes simultaneously. The Acrobatic Flea

21. Roll again and effects then kick in after a (1-2) 1d6 hour; (2-3) 1d6 day; (5-6) 1d6 month delay. The Acrobatic Flea

22. Roll again and effect targets a random member of the caster's party instead. The Acrobatic Flea

23. Instant mind swap with nearest sentient lifeform of comparable size (be it monster, party member, animal etc) for 1d6 x 10 minutes. The Acrobatic Flea

24. Physically exchanges places with nearest living blood relative. The Acrobatic Flea

25. Changes race to that of nearest sentient lifeform of comparable size. The Acrobatic Flea

26. Caster develops overpowering craving for a pint of ale (even if previously teetotal), to such an extent that all die rolls (except damage) he makes will be at -2 until he satisfies that craving. The Acrobatic Flea

27. Starts laughing loudly and uncontrollably for 1d6 minutes, then burps. The Acrobatic Flea

28. Caster's footwear contracts so that it is too uncomfortable to wear. The Acrobatic Flea

29. Caster collapses and starts flapping around like a fish out of water for 1d6 minutes. The Acrobatic Flea

30. A cow appears. The Acrobatic Flea

31. Tears a man-sized hole, in front of caster, in space and time to the room where the PLAYERS are! Will stay open for 2d30 seconds. The Acrobatic Flea

32. Caster believes he has "wasps in his brain" for 1d6 minutes (taken from the trailer to the film Paul). The Acrobatic Flea

33. Caster regresses/devolves to a primitive/neanderthal state for 1d6 hours. The Acrobatic Flea

34. Caster's skin hardens - permanently giving him a +1 bonus to AC, but a -1 penalty to Dexterity. The Acrobatic Flea

35. Caster regenerates into a totally new person of the same sex and race(but of random appearance) - rerolling all stats , but keeping memories, skills, experience points etc Change is permanent. The Acrobatic Flea

36. Caster's head swells up to the size of a watermelon for 1d6 hours (no other side effects). The Acrobatic Flea

37. Caster goes deaf for 1d6 x 10 minutes. The Acrobatic Flea

38. Caster forgets a random, uncast, spell from his daily allocation and must spend the normal amount of time relearning it. The Acrobatic Flea

39. Everyone - within 100' of caster - forgets who they are and what they doing (for 2d12 hours) and must piece together who they are from the 'clues' at hand (see Buffy episode Tabula Rasa) The Acrobatic Flea

40. For next 2d6 days caster's spells only work if he sings the required incantation. The Acrobatic Flea

41. Random male party member experiences painful priapism for 1d6 x 10 minutes - very distracting, all die rolls (excluding damage) at -3. The Acrobatic Flea

42. The ghost of caster's nearest deceased blood relative appears and will answer 1d3 questions, to the best of his ability (but will lie [40-caster's Charisma] per cent of the time) The Acrobatic Flea

43. Rain of (1-2) frogs, (3-4) fish or (5-6) blood for 1d6 minutes, centred over caster's head but expanding out to 1d6 x 5' (even if indoors)radius circle. The Acrobatic Flea

44. Caster's skin, muscles and organs become transparent (so, from a distance he appears as a clothed skeleton)for 1d4 hours. The Acrobatic Flea

45. Caster is forcefully thrown backwards 1d10 x 10 feet (DM to adjudicate damage if he hits a wall etc) The Acrobatic Flea

46. Caster suffers nose bleed and loses 1 hit point. The Acrobatic Flea

47. Caster goes berserk and attacks nearest sentient lifeform (fellow party member, monster, animal etc) in a murderous rage (gaining +2 to hit, but a -2 penalty to AC)until knocked unconscious. When wakes will have calmed down. The Acrobatic Flea

48. If in an enclosed space (indoors, in a dungeon etc) the caster suddenly becomes extremely claustrophobic and must get aside via the shortest, and fastest, route possible. effect only wears off once out in the open again. The Acrobatic Flea

49. Roll twice more and combine the two effects. The Acrobatic Flea

50. Roll again and double the strength of the effect (double range/penalties/damage etc) The Acrobatic Flea

51. The next time the caster opens his mouth to speak out comes... The Acrobatic Flea
(1) A puff of smoke The Acrobatic Flea
(2) A venomous snake The Acrobatic Flea
(3) A swarm of wasps The Acrobatic Flea
(4) A mouse The Acrobatic Flea
(5) A large (but not monstrous)spider The Acrobatic Flea
(6) Bubbles The Acrobatic Flea
(7) A canary The Acrobatic Flea
(8) An egg The Acrobatic Flea

52. Caster has random change of alignment (conveyed by the DM passing him a note explaining what has happened and what his new alignment is). The Acrobatic Flea

53. The DM passes a note to the spellcaster's player that says "nothing happens", but swears him to totally secrecy or he will suffer a random effect when he breaks his 'vow of silence'. The Acrobatic Flea

54. SPELLPOCALYPSE! All the spellcaster's unspent spells for the day are cast at once - targeting random subjects within their range. He is then left with no magical capability for 48 hours, extreme fatigue and must take twice as long to relearn all his spells as normal. The Acrobatic Flea

55. Spellcaster transforms into the physical likeness of his deity (for 1d4 days) - except for the massive effective Charisma boost (probably +10 at least!), there are no added statistical increases or abilities, just a lot of grief from clerics, fellow worshipers, rival cults etc. The Acrobatic Flea

56. Nearest female humanoid (party member, civilian or monster) is suddenly (1d8+1) months pregnant with caster's child (even if spellcaster is a woman!). The Acrobatic Flea

57. A random limb on the spellcaster withers and becomes permanently useless (or until a remove curse is cast). DM to adjudicate specific penalties for withered limb. Roll to discover which limb: The Acrobatic Flea
(1) left leg The Acrobatic Flea
(2) right leg The Acrobatic Flea
(3) left hand The Acrobatic Flea
(4) right hand The Acrobatic Flea
(5) left arm The Acrobatic Flea
(6) right arm The Acrobatic Flea

Warmachine Testing: Fighters and Drones

I made some new units for Warmachine, in order to test how the rules will work for doing space-type battles. It worked well enough, but I learned some things.

Anyway, the stats first, so that you can tell what I'm talking about later in my commentary:

Keedanis Drone:

7 7 - 10 17 - -

(H) Kaimoril-Siiptan Laser Cluster

POW: 14 ROF: 1 (Roll three times for damage) AOE: -

Point cost: 1
(H) Grav Claw

POW: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: -

If an attack hits, roll D6. On a 1-4 the target cannot take any action.
Altezosso Fighter:

7 7 - 7 15 14 -

(H) Irradiare Turret

POW: 14 ROF: 1 AOE: -

Point cost: 3

  • The point cost of the Drones may need to be higher.
  • The Altezosso has 12 points of shields.
  • Both Drones were armed with Laser Clusters.
Test results of 1 Altezosso vs. 2 Drones:

The Altezzoso and a Drone dead, the other reduced to 1 box but still moving. However, I forgot about the shields in the first round, which may have made a difference.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Spell: Perform Function

[Credit goes to Ze Bullete for inspiring me to write up the spell this way. He made a comment about something fading from memory faster than it could be recorded] Lynette heard the sound of hundreds of quills scratching at paper, as though an army of scribes labored to come to the end of an an immense library, though it was faster than any race could write. Impossible! Golim had said the room would be empty! Opening the door a sliver, she saw empty desks, with not a form in sight, upon which quills were writing

Level 1

Perform Function (Mage)

This spell allows a mage to cause inanimate objects to perform their function, though what that is varies from person to person (If a reasonable argument can be made for it by the player it should be allowed).

Orc Clans: Broken Moon

Chief: Dabbons Devilsteel
..Second-in-Command: Kot Handhacker

General: Kdabg Evilbeast
..Second-in-Command: Szubt Stonethroat

Sign: A full moon split by a trident.

Status: Unknown.

The Broken Moon clan lives in the ruins of an E'liin city, suspended inside the Mor'Talm Crag. They were originally known as the Pierced Hand, but changed this in the Suun-Do Uprising. They take their name, and goals from paintings on the walls, believing them to be prophetic, when they were in fact a record of the lycanthropic nature of the E'liin.

Community Table: Where Have You Been?

It's almost certainly going to happen that one (or more) of your players won't be able to show up at some point. Short of canceling the session, you have to come up with a reason for their character(s) not being there. So, I'd like to create a D30 table to answer the question "Where have you been?".
  1. Illness. Roll on a table, or choose one.
  2. Character is secretly addicted to drugs and has been (roll d6) buying more (1-3), or going through withdrawal and is no longer addicted (4-6).
  3. Carousing. (See Jeff's Miscellaneum of Cinder) [Greg Gorgonmilk]
  4. Visiting an old comrade. [Greg Gorgonmilk]

  5. Researching/gathering rumors pertaining to a particular subject [Greg Gorgonmilk]

  6. Hiding - roll on subtable for reason: 1. unpaid debt
    2. press gang
    3. supernatural creature
    4. paranoia - roll on Greg Gorgonmilk's table
    5. ex-lover
    6. ex-lover's partner / family member
    7. individual claiming to be offspring
    8. old comrade in town [Porky]
  7. Side quest on way to rendezvous. [Porky]

  8. Change of priorities. [Porky]

  9. Not absent - shadowing party. [Porky]

  10. Has been sentenced for a crime he/she didn't commit and sent to a maximum security prison.Will promptly escape in time for next session, but will still be wanted by the government. The Acrobatic Flea
  11. Had a better offer. The Acrobatic Flea
  12. Has hooked up with an old flame. The Acrobatic Flea
  13. Forgot. D'oh! The Acrobatic Flea
  14. Fallen under the influence of a religious cult. Jennie
  15. Ran off to join the circus The Acrobatic Flea
  16. Got lost on way to rendezvous. The Acrobatic Flea

  17. Taking part in local, seasonal festival or celebration. The Acrobatic Flea

  18. Shanghaied by passing group of mercenaries to fight in minor border skirmish (DM to decide if character picked up any injuries or cool-looking scars). The Acrobatic Flea
  19. Bumped into well-known 'celebrity' adventurer and was distracted by this person's tales of swashbuckling daring-do, narrow escapes, maiden liberation, monster fighting and treasure retrieval (may have clue to next adventure). The Acrobatic Flea

  20. Went for a wander alone for a little soul searching Saeblundr
  21. Went off hunting. [INT + WIS + Level]% chance of having caught enough food to provide one person rations for 1d4 days. The Acrobatic Flea
  22. Got caught up reading a good book. The Acrobatic Flea

  23. So stupid s/he were unable to free themselves from their private inn room to join the others on their adventures. Evan

  24. ...

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General Weirdness

The Manse of Buried Devils lies beneath the Forrbiden Ossuary of Desolation, all contained in the Celestial Demense of Decay. To enter you must find the Grotto of Oblivion, and overcome the Secret Brood of The Lurking Warper, and the Hacking Manes of the Gibbering Avatar. Once you have arrived, you must cure the case of Dungeon Upset that threatens to expose it.

Sounds like a fun job.

New Spell: Weapon Tracking

Alm'ki of Acuhlatin's eyes flicked between the arrows flying through the air towards him, and the sword of the Daeling he fought. Shifting quickly to avoid any harm from them, he felt the foul creature raise its blade to stab him in the back and spun quickly around to avoid the blow.

3rd Level

Weapon Tracking (Fighter)

Duration: 1 hour

This spell allows the caster to track weapons, making all "to hit" roll be made at -4, with successful ones being re-rolled (once).

My Flies and Spiders Notes

Risus Monkey made some good points, some of which I would also have noted, others I wouldn't - not that they aren't noteworthy, but I simply wouldn't have thought of them. Anyway, those notes that I would have added are:

Bilbo's ability to enrage the spiders by singing rude songs about them is likely an inspiration for the Bard class.

There may have been some inspiration for the Web spell in this chapter, though it's rather iffy there.

I thought this was a trade route at one point? Why is a small boat across a very dangerous river the only way through?

Why is it that they don't fall asleep when trying to wake up Bombur? No mention is made of giving him time to dry off before doing so, which means that they should have gotten the magic water on their hands.

City of Bells

The City of Bells has many strange magics. However one of the most notable is The Bell of Lost Souls, which, when struck, releases a wave of restless spirits onto the residents of the city, or sucks them in until the next time someone sees fit to strike it.

More will be forthcoming later, but I couldn't resist. :D

Edit: The Peeling Bell: The flesh of whoever hears this bell will begin to peel from their bones. The process takes about a month to finish. It is the doorbell of a deaf, skeleton, writer, who has a small card on his door saying "Do not disturb". All invited guests are told to use a concealed pullcord, which will cause a flag to raise. He believes that those who ring it anyway deserve their fate.

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Who decided it would be a good idea to put "Happy VD!" in their store window?

Random Table of PC Defects

1. Seeing a certain shade of green causes you to become homicidal for d8 rounds.

2. Hearing a whistle makes you flee unless you save against fear at -3.

3. You randomly teleport up to one mile at odd times.

4. Claustrophobia

5. You have a fear of pack animals.

6. Paranoia

7. Disease or parasites - roll on Greg Gorgonmilk's D20/D30 Table of Dungeon Funk.

8. Roll once on the Wyrd's Repercussions Table.

Affiliate CoimhthĂ­och

Same thing as the two Clans, but no starting lineage or standard abilities. What do they want? Why? What are their relations with the other factions in the city?

Note: Coimhthioch mean "Outsider".

Red Dwarf, Meet Shadowrun

I've been watching a lot of Red Dwarf recently. That combined with Barking Alien's link to some of his weird campaigns, inspired [Note: Use "Unspired"] me to come up with this:

In the distant past, an alien ship crashed on Earth. Their "engines" were destroyed, but other systems remained intact. Luckily for them, they got here just as the first ape-like beings were appearing. They were able to genetically engineer us so that we would be adaptable and intelligent. Combined with natural selection, and the culling of non-useful strains after a certain point, (monkeys, lemurs, and the great apes were left around so that they would have a "clean slate", so to speak, if they had to get rid of all of the current lines). They needed us to be able to manufacture the parts, as the damage couldn't be fixed at the time. Fast forward to the world of Shadowrun. 80-90% of these aliens have become unintelligent (compared to before that is...). The remaining 10-20% have been taught how to blend in, and have been taught from an early age that fixing the ship is the most important thing. They've also kept good records - they don't worship their craft, or something like that, and everyone has a good working knowledge of how it works, sort of like the standard knowledge that most humans have of an airplane today. We're just about able to manufacture the bits they need. The problem is, they need some sort of food source, and they eat mental and emotional energy. They survived off of a small group of hosts until they'd altered the humans enough to be able to feed on them. Now, some of you may be saying: "So? Do I really use all of it? Why is it such a big deal?". Because it causes depression and schizophrenia. Here's the thing: They're cats. Not all cats of course - that 80-90% that mutated no longer feed on people, but the rest do. Haven't you ever wondered why the "Crazy old lady with her dozen cats" is a stereotype? It's because rather than the cats being a symptom, as was assumed, they're the cause. You are a group of 'runners who have done a few missions for various Mr/Mrs. Johnson's, and you've been approached by a mysterious orginazation who needs your help in dealing with it. Not great for dumping into something else, but it sounds like an interesting short campaign.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Linwaer Forest

Note: Translation may not be direct, but it conveys meaning accurately in all cases.

Dlarvsha oln liktri kistar vlorok nalshiir humans tel Linwaer Aalkidru kal tel apsiir halktinalriin iln
Home to many things that prey upon humans the Linwaer Forest is the last remaining domain of
tel Linakata li Morilar. Ykla ulnsiim yokloth jauul Annwn Riiktaal, jsaln kal nilkien iln
the fey in Morilar. At its heart lies an Annwn Tree, which is responsible for the proliferation of
jasapaliiktro huuiln tliik.
eldritch creatures within.

--Sliin Kaitvor, Tel Linwaer Aalkidru
--Sliin Kaitvor, The Linwaer Forest

Denizens of the Linwaer Forest:


"Aye, friend, 'tis a grim job, but every job needs doing. Every year there's more of 'em, and his Lordship wants his woods pure, so he does. So I set my traps each eve, and gather 'em come morn. A ha' crown for a fairy, three quarter for a gnome. Besides, next you know a child goes missing. Then you'll all come a howlin'."

[Credit to Harald of The Book of Worlds]

Will be expanded on later. However, I've been working on this for a couple of days off and on, so I figured I should get it out there. Besides, I mentioned it on The Book of Worlds, so...

New Creature: Daeling

This creature is hereby designated Open Game Content


ARMOR CLASS: 4 (Ascending)
MOVE: 6"//12"
% IN LAIR: 50%
NO.OF ATTACKS: 2 or per impersonation
attack/Defense Modes: Nil/Special
X.P. VALUE: 300

Appearing to be a variant of the Gelatinous Cube, the Daeling is a 6' puddle of rainbow jello. It can alter its form, behaves much like a Doppleganger, and will grow by 1d6' for each point of fire damage it takes.

Edit: It usually waits to impersonate somone until it has killed them, at which time it absorbs their bodies and memories, allowing them to imitate the person more effectively.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Scaling Magic

Why is it that a Gnome, or a Fairy casts the same size spells as a human? If a Fairy were to cast a Fireball, then (Assuming you're playing AD&D, and use the same inches to feet conversion I do. I wish they'd just used in-game terms...) a lot of their town would be destroyed. A Fireball covers a hundred square feet, and Fairy dwellings have ceilings of three feet. Say goodbye to the city. There's no way they could use something like that most of the time. So, what would a good way to implement smaller AoE's be without making them underpowered?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Random Stuff

This time, something I want to see in a game, in some form:

Me: "You see a cat."

Player 1: "What is a cat doing in a dungeon?"

Me: "Not much, mostly just standing around. It has started walking toward you though."

Player 1: "I back away from it, preparing to draw my sword if it attacks"

Me: "The cat explodes."

Inspired by a monster I came up with.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Game Stuff

Random stuff I came up with. Not sure what it means yet, but it's getting stuck here for later inspiration.

Half a hundred Taraneers were hunting on the height...

Calareel and Dor'Kaviir descended from the moons, to find a broken key, for the darkling human-kin. Eyeless watching, earless hearing, and flying without wings. They found the key, below them there, but fell from the sky, before they could return with it. Bodies broken, struggling, as the sun began to rise...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Slight variation on Gygaxian Democracy here. You have 1-2 days from the first submission to come up with meaning for the word "Unter". They can be anything - Weapons, potions, monsters, something you do...

Then I reveal what I had in mind for it, and see what you came up with. All reasonable suggestions will be used. As such I'd appreciate it if you could provide an alternate name with your submission.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Messing About

Year 0: Mountains formed in the lower northwest.

Year 500: An avatar of Savorla, The Kingbreaker appears in the mountains. She (Miskriila the Seducer) creates a race of eldritch and beautiful creatures (Faal'Daoon) to aid her mistress's goals.

Year 1000: Miskriila creates a city for the Faal'Duun (Kaln'Saeeva). The mountains become foggy. A river forms, flowing into a lake.

Year 1500: An avalanche occurs. Much of Kaln'Saeeva is destroyed.

Year 1550: A secretive order of assassins forms within Kaln'Saeeva. Miskriila watches, but can do nothing to prevent it.

Year 2000: Forests form in the north-east. A massive (200 miles long, 50 miles deep) chasm splits the land in the center-west. Far southwest turns to swamp.

Year 2500: A natural spring forms in the central portion of the continent. A river leads off from it, going south.

Year 3000: Central river flows underground in a mountain range. Swamps continue to spread west.

Year 3500: Miskriila travels to the swamps. Mountains form in the east. Miskriila is eaten alive by a horde of midges. Swamps completely consume the west.

The first of a Dawn of Worlds session. It was played alone, but the vagaries of points have shaped what I do.


Year 4000: Swamps continue their advance, this time moving north. A desert appears near the eastern mountains, which have become sunbaked and harsh.

Year 4500: An avatar of Ga'Huurka appears in the north-east forests. He (Tla) creates a race of tribal humans, who have a special connection to wolves. The swamps spread even further north, nearing the domain under the control of Savorla [She is, understandably, rather upset about this, and also suspects that that swarm was under the control of a new player who has chosen to remain out of sight for the moment.]

Year 4550: Tla orders a city - of sorts - built in the forests. This city is then granted expert knowledge of healing.

Year 4600: Savorla creates a subrace of the Faal'Duun, who are unnaturally fast and strong. They are known as Kiir'Dunay. An army of these is gathered. An avatar of Va'seetor, The Shadowed One, appears in the swamps near Savorla's domains. He creates a race known as Rotmen, made from the very mold and slime of the quagmire in which they dwell. He then commands them to build a city and raise an army. The swamps continue advancing until they are directly bordering the realms of Savorla. The armies of Savorla march into the swamp, and begin the assault on Rottown. They are at a disadvantage due to the clinging mud, but it does not lessen their strength [Speed is negated, but strength is not, leaving them at a total of +1], and they win a decisive victory, leaving only a few hundred Rotmen out of the ten thousand they began with, and burning Rottown to the ground.

Year 4700: Swamps spread slightly to the west and east. A flood of acid washes over the southeast peninsula, washing it down to bare stone.

Year 4750: Swamps begin to reclaim the peninsula. Forests spread in the northeast.

Year 4800: Swamps finish retaking the peninsula, invade Savlora's river, the Kaln'Saeevan mountains. Swamps are once more removed from Savlora's realm. A mountain range forms in the south.

Year 4800: More mountains form in the east.

Year 5000: A race of cave dwelling elves with a hivemind appear in the southern mountains.

Dawn of Worlds

Just took a look at the rules for this. It looks interesting. Hopefully I can get some play in soon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grumpy Old Troll's Online Game.

This, is a sort of play-by-post with a very interesting premise. Take a look!

Potion Appearance

A companion table for Dyson's post on potion containers.

Table 1: Color

1. Black
2. Green
3. Yellow
4. Orange
5. Blue
6. Red
7. Two colors- roll twice and combine (I.E. red/white is pink)
8. Secondary color - roll twice (Discrete color - for example "A black potion with strands of white swirling through it like fog")

Table 2: Smell

1. Odorless
2. Turpentine
3. Ash/Smoke
4. Burnt Meat
5. Chemical
6. Sulphur
6. Spices
7. Rust
8. Strange - Open your dictionary and randomly select a word, combining with previous selections as appropriate.

Table 3: Taste

1. Metallic
2. Chemical
3. Bitter
4. Foul
5. Syrupy sweet
6. Sharp
7. Sour
8. Salty
9. Bland
10. Burnt
11. Acrid
12. Fruity
13. Spicy
14. Minty
16. Citrus-y
17. Earthy
18. Vegetal

19. Alcoholic
20. Meaty
21. Ammoniac
23. Creamy
24. Effervescent

Concept Testing: Anyone In?

A while back, I made a post that said I'd be doing a play-by-post on here to test something out, and that if it got enough interest, we would move out into Salnar. Anyone want to join?

Idiots. Oh, and some lousy script consistency.

Watching "The Girl Who Played With Fire". Two people trapped in a building, which is on fire. Just been a fight.

Rather than pick up the chainsaw when the bad guy got distracted by the girl (A kickboxer) hitting him, and using it on him, he stands there and waits for him to finish his fight with her. She didn't think to grab it before she attacked him, but she at least had the excuse that she'd been knocked out recently, and that the fight was going between her and it.

Now her hands are tied even though they weren't when she attacked him, and he didn't tie them before he walked out. Geez people, catch that when you film it, if nothing else!

And why did the guy trapped in there kick his way out, when had a perfectly good cutting tool? I guess because the bad guy was watching? But he didn't know that! Still, even if he did, it makes more sense to turn it on and use it on him when he comes to investigate, but...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clan Terremoto

Basically the same as before... (Link)

Side note: Terremoto is Italian for earthquake.

Random Musing of Ridimar Reln

"Urirgog cel miwbgl!" curad Uraroer. Nulbar destnad tonrand, es edo weoran. Fo Fudgar-feng fiesad kyre. Darir koeurhad el fo fernijbg, cierbog pir fo meren. Ets! Ets! Ets! Glurhg oth mehbj? Rorgonunrad cehbj? Bjxnhdswulrog rehbj? Kiarbog oth nehbj? Fierbog oth behbj? Ceoro-daro. EN!AWo! AWo! KOG! KOG! KOG! Khlaro nego fiaujklwn glilo? La y fiwbgl? Gat bo wiwbgl! Beowar-dario! Ciehereohelk! FON! Nan.... Nan bo glniapo... Cuhgnjrnog oth Nund besolan! Egm! Erio! Faher! Gluwglbjwklio! Derio! Fen! Kiarbad ehyl fo poro got do et pat av! Mehbj oth fo polrbe bav! Erererio! Ehenreohio. Edfirad uhwhan nulbog feran. Nierierau!

"Exploding bat cow!" burbled Exterior. Hunter watched silent, and ate noodles. The Blubber-ghast screeched loudly. Wedlor laughed at the dragons, beeping for the catwalks. OOK! OOK! OOK! Gulls of cats? Ridiculed bats? Jumping rats? Leaping of hats? Keeping of mats? Boogle-wergle. OOOOOOOOOOKKKKKK!IKI! IKI! LING! LING! LING! Where have friends gone? Do you know? Tell me now! Mooker-werka! Beebagloobax! GLIPPPPPPPPPPP! Haaargh.... Help me please... Burning of Hunt machines! Yeep! Yodla! Kiibar! Gurga! Wantpa! Kaln! Leaped about the fire till we all fell in! Cats of the fishy men! Yehahhaha! Ooobalooba. Armored elves hunting dwarves. Heeheehee!

From Risus Monkey's fantasy language generator.
Obviously, Ridimar Reln is quite mad. He's supposed to be.

Also, remember to copy your model text if you change it - it goes back to default otherwise.

Cerabatian Clan

Their lineage can be found here. What do they look like? What can they do?

Edit: Per Trey, they have radioactive claws and get more dangerous when drunk.

Solo Warmachine, Game 1: Update

Remember the stalemate? Well, using a homemade negotiation system, I was able to convince the Cygnarans to retreat. So, now I'm setting up and waiting for their next wave.

Archive Post

It's in late January, with the title New Setting.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Solo Warmachine, Game 2-ish

As the previous setup was smashed by the cat, the new one is this: The Cryx have set up in a destroyed refinery, and are mostly Bane Thralls, with a couple of Corpseeaters. The Protectorate are Knights Exemplar and a couple of Paladins of the Wall, with two Repenters.

The Meek?

Would anyone really believe that the meek will inherit the earth, when all of these adventurers are getting everything? What do you think?



Dulakadir - Sleep

Nutagreen - Slaughter

Tulishadar - Hunt

Navaraseen - Kill

Lekatavoon - Eat

Talisinyor - Night

Nevesidar - Day

Cali'shalor - Queen

Tari'shalor - King

Davorindaer - War

Kadoradorageare - Death

Nesata - Life

Dunadoo - Armor

Tasiki - Sword

Boolaruun - Spear

Jaleempakeen - Dragon

Tasira - Bow

Doraquun - Sling

Lasheporud - Sewer

Deskasvoonadi - Dung-eater

Leespagina - Hunter

The Book Of Alchemy

Inspired by the posts on religion in fiction that Porky made recently, I'm going to share something I came up with a while ago, though it's not finished.

This is the official religion for Canzibar, the City of Bells on Morilar.

Book of Alchemy, 1-1: In the beginning, there was only The Brewer. Then He said "It pleases me not to have nothing around me; I wish for pleasant things such as are in my mind."

And so He created the Stars, and the Moons, and the Sun. And he placed that which made the Stars, and the light of the Sun, and the Moon into His alembic, and purified them. And so were made men, and the other races. And He placed them upon the land. But The Brewer was not pleased with His creation; and He said "This earth is barren; nothing grows upon it, the people starve, and are forced to eat each other for their food." And so He placed plants upon the earth, and the tools of Alchemy, and those races which he had placed here created with them the beasts. [Porky: "And to encourage those races which he had placed here to purify themselves, the land was made finite; and the infinite lopped off; and the vastness of the space around was as a protection against the stink."]

Book of Alchemy, 21-10: And He took the Pumpkin, and the Watermelon, and placed them in His calcinator, and burned them to ash, and said "You shall not consort with these fell fruit, nor any of their kin, lest the weight of your guilt strike you down."

Feel free to add more - there's lots of stuff that's not done yet, and I welcome input.

Hysionide Crystals

Where these are from, and even the origin of the name remains a mystery. Some believe that they were found by the Knights of the Astral Sea, others that they are a transplant from The City. Wherever they hail from, these strange formations have fascinated adventurers and tourist for years. So what are they? Hysionide Crystals are either sentient or containthe minds of some long forgotten race. However they refuse to help with anything greater than "Where did my sunglasses go", even when it directly threatens them. Some speculate that they are unwilling to interfere out of religious or personal reasons - some variety of "it's your time, not ours", while others think that they are simply bored, and may actually welcome destruction.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Spell: Sussuration

Golim whispered quickly, hardly pausing to breathe. He knew that if he stopped the pressure would be ruined.

On the other side of the room, Datanis the Cheat shook his head, trying to throw off the nagging feeling that a throng of people were muttering and whispering all around him. There was a crowd, yes, but they were acting just as they had any of the other times he'd come to the Pickled Dragon.

Eventually, the thief snapped. He began to thrash his arms wildly, as though trying to hit someone he couldn't see, and screaming "Shut up! Will you just shut up!". As there was no-one near him but the patrons of the inn, and they had grown quiet when he first leapt up, he was assumed to have gone mad, and was taken away. Nobody noticed the shadowy figure that slipped out behind them, still whispering feverishly.

2nd/1st level

Sussuration (Mage/Illusionist)

allows the caster to magnify his voice, so that, to one person it appears that they have a mass of people whispering around them.