Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Musing of Ridimar Reln

"Urirgog cel miwbgl!" curad Uraroer. Nulbar destnad tonrand, es edo weoran. Fo Fudgar-feng fiesad kyre. Darir koeurhad el fo fernijbg, cierbog pir fo meren. Ets! Ets! Ets! Glurhg oth mehbj? Rorgonunrad cehbj? Bjxnhdswulrog rehbj? Kiarbog oth nehbj? Fierbog oth behbj? Ceoro-daro. EN!AWo! AWo! KOG! KOG! KOG! Khlaro nego fiaujklwn glilo? La y fiwbgl? Gat bo wiwbgl! Beowar-dario! Ciehereohelk! FON! Nan.... Nan bo glniapo... Cuhgnjrnog oth Nund besolan! Egm! Erio! Faher! Gluwglbjwklio! Derio! Fen! Kiarbad ehyl fo poro got do et pat av! Mehbj oth fo polrbe bav! Erererio! Ehenreohio. Edfirad uhwhan nulbog feran. Nierierau!

"Exploding bat cow!" burbled Exterior. Hunter watched silent, and ate noodles. The Blubber-ghast screeched loudly. Wedlor laughed at the dragons, beeping for the catwalks. OOK! OOK! OOK! Gulls of cats? Ridiculed bats? Jumping rats? Leaping of hats? Keeping of mats? Boogle-wergle. OOOOOOOOOOKKKKKK!IKI! IKI! LING! LING! LING! Where have friends gone? Do you know? Tell me now! Mooker-werka! Beebagloobax! GLIPPPPPPPPPPP! Haaargh.... Help me please... Burning of Hunt machines! Yeep! Yodla! Kiibar! Gurga! Wantpa! Kaln! Leaped about the fire till we all fell in! Cats of the fishy men! Yehahhaha! Ooobalooba. Armored elves hunting dwarves. Heeheehee!

From Risus Monkey's fantasy language generator.
Obviously, Ridimar Reln is quite mad. He's supposed to be.

Also, remember to copy your model text if you change it - it goes back to default otherwise.


  1. That's wacky, and even the narration is slightly unsettling! I need to take a look at that generator.