Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unter - Part 2

Okay, the winner is...

Greg Gorgonmilk, with Falsewater, simply because it's cool and you can do so much stuff with it. Anything that lets you breathe fire, cause explosions underwater, or kill a dragon by commiting suicide has got to get used somewhere. The other entries were awesome as well, but Trey's was disqualified for not including an alternate name, and Porky's didn't spark the intense interest in me as soon as I saw it that the Falsewater did. Nothing against it, and I'm starting to get inspired by it now, but it took a bit to get used to the idea, so that might mean my players would have some problems as well. Still, it reminds me of the Daeling in some ways, so it may have been a subconscious inspiration (assuming I don't have Trey's and Porky's confused of course...).

And my original meaning was:

Unter: To exhume a body, especially with necromantic intent. Usually only refers to stealing a corpse from sacred ground.


  1. Hey, I like your meaning. It sounds like a corruption of "un-inter" -- which would literally mean the same thing. "We were unterring some fresh meat last night." I dig it.

  2. Thanks! I guess that was what I was thinking about there, which would make sense.

  3. 'Un-inter' to 'unter' is clever. What is or are the Daeling? I'm only getting 'dealing' misspelt when I search.

  4. Also, I would guess that you aren't using the search bar on here?

  5. Now I see. I'd like to believe it was me, but you're firing on far more cylinders by the looks of things!

    I wasn't using your search, but you're up to ninth off-blog now too, just below "So drug daeling and drug related crime is political in".

  6. Thanks! Just curious: Off-blog, what search engine do you use? Google is showing that on the second page without any mention of me.