Monday, February 7, 2011

Messing About

Year 0: Mountains formed in the lower northwest.

Year 500: An avatar of Savorla, The Kingbreaker appears in the mountains. She (Miskriila the Seducer) creates a race of eldritch and beautiful creatures (Faal'Daoon) to aid her mistress's goals.

Year 1000: Miskriila creates a city for the Faal'Duun (Kaln'Saeeva). The mountains become foggy. A river forms, flowing into a lake.

Year 1500: An avalanche occurs. Much of Kaln'Saeeva is destroyed.

Year 1550: A secretive order of assassins forms within Kaln'Saeeva. Miskriila watches, but can do nothing to prevent it.

Year 2000: Forests form in the north-east. A massive (200 miles long, 50 miles deep) chasm splits the land in the center-west. Far southwest turns to swamp.

Year 2500: A natural spring forms in the central portion of the continent. A river leads off from it, going south.

Year 3000: Central river flows underground in a mountain range. Swamps continue to spread west.

Year 3500: Miskriila travels to the swamps. Mountains form in the east. Miskriila is eaten alive by a horde of midges. Swamps completely consume the west.

The first of a Dawn of Worlds session. It was played alone, but the vagaries of points have shaped what I do.


Year 4000: Swamps continue their advance, this time moving north. A desert appears near the eastern mountains, which have become sunbaked and harsh.

Year 4500: An avatar of Ga'Huurka appears in the north-east forests. He (Tla) creates a race of tribal humans, who have a special connection to wolves. The swamps spread even further north, nearing the domain under the control of Savorla [She is, understandably, rather upset about this, and also suspects that that swarm was under the control of a new player who has chosen to remain out of sight for the moment.]

Year 4550: Tla orders a city - of sorts - built in the forests. This city is then granted expert knowledge of healing.

Year 4600: Savorla creates a subrace of the Faal'Duun, who are unnaturally fast and strong. They are known as Kiir'Dunay. An army of these is gathered. An avatar of Va'seetor, The Shadowed One, appears in the swamps near Savorla's domains. He creates a race known as Rotmen, made from the very mold and slime of the quagmire in which they dwell. He then commands them to build a city and raise an army. The swamps continue advancing until they are directly bordering the realms of Savorla. The armies of Savorla march into the swamp, and begin the assault on Rottown. They are at a disadvantage due to the clinging mud, but it does not lessen their strength [Speed is negated, but strength is not, leaving them at a total of +1], and they win a decisive victory, leaving only a few hundred Rotmen out of the ten thousand they began with, and burning Rottown to the ground.

Year 4700: Swamps spread slightly to the west and east. A flood of acid washes over the southeast peninsula, washing it down to bare stone.

Year 4750: Swamps begin to reclaim the peninsula. Forests spread in the northeast.

Year 4800: Swamps finish retaking the peninsula, invade Savlora's river, the Kaln'Saeevan mountains. Swamps are once more removed from Savlora's realm. A mountain range forms in the south.

Year 4800: More mountains form in the east.

Year 5000: A race of cave dwelling elves with a hivemind appear in the southern mountains.


  1. Interesting timeline. There is a bit of good gaming potnetial in some of those are you developing this? Is this hisotical versimilitude for your primary setting, or background for a novel? It could go either direction fairly easily...

  2. Thanks! With those forests in the north-east, it'll likely get used for Morilar. Hmm. Time for an avatar of Ga'Huurka to show up I think.

  3. NetherWerks, I second the idea that this would make great background for a novel.