Sunday, February 27, 2011

Expansion 1

Watching the Raviien fall from the fort's walls, the Hunaal rose to protect its creations.


  1. That intrigues me. The names almost tell a story themselves. This could be a good way to get larger stories started too, and with a passage like this we naturally want to know what happens next.

  2. Thanks! What do you think the Raviien and Hunaal are, then?

  3. @ C'nor - I think they are excellent fantastical words first-off, with more than a hint of a dark setting, and even horror in the second.

    Working from association and onomatopoeia, I'd say the Raviien are - if the plural 'creations' does refer to them - intended to be nobler or mercurial, the Hunaal less so, more bestial perhaps from the sense of a deep howl in the name.

    'Raviien' suggests 'raven' enough that I see them as winged.

    We can also guess the Hunaal is a powerful being, possible even a god, and 'rose' suggests inactivity otherwise so I get the sense of ponderous action.

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you like them! You seem to have excellent abilities to associate, as you've guessed quite accurately what I was thinking of. The Raviien are indeed intended to be raven-like, and were the creations of the Hunaal, as well as the defenders.

    For the Hunaal itself, I was thinking of a fallen angel (or perhaps a risen demon?) more than a god, but it was certainly more primitive in some ways, despite the fact that it created the Raviien. This was also the first time that it had done anything in a long time, so that sense of ponderousness makes sense, though I'm sure that it will be quite formidable once it arrives.