Monday, February 28, 2011

Notes on Adaptation

My notes for converting Warmachine to work for classic space battles.

All units other than Drones will provide at least one soul token if you take your fleet against a standard group.

On a related note, all ships are piloted. Thus, they act as though under the control of a 'jack marshal.

Ships may have an additional speed, know as their ET (Emergency Thrust) - if they do, it is twice their charging speed, but they cannot attack while using it*, and it takes effect upon their next turn.

Most weapons are optional - the cost for a unit does not include that of non-integral weaponry, which has a separate point cost.

*All ships can ram. This counts as a weapon with a POW of their current speed, and can be used when using their ET.


  1. I've only just clocked what you're suggesting here. Bold thinking. I don't know Warmachine well enough to comment on the detail, but I wonder whether you're not on to something, whether one ruleset really can cover all bases with a bit of tweaking.

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping it works out that way - or at least that the new rules work well enough to be playable. Lots of stuff to think about.