Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Spell: Sussuration

Golim whispered quickly, hardly pausing to breathe. He knew that if he stopped the pressure would be ruined.

On the other side of the room, Datanis the Cheat shook his head, trying to throw off the nagging feeling that a throng of people were muttering and whispering all around him. There was a crowd, yes, but they were acting just as they had any of the other times he'd come to the Pickled Dragon.

Eventually, the thief snapped. He began to thrash his arms wildly, as though trying to hit someone he couldn't see, and screaming "Shut up! Will you just shut up!". As there was no-one near him but the patrons of the inn, and they had grown quiet when he first leapt up, he was assumed to have gone mad, and was taken away. Nobody noticed the shadowy figure that slipped out behind them, still whispering feverishly.

2nd/1st level

Sussuration (Mage/Illusionist)

allows the caster to magnify his voice, so that, to one person it appears that they have a mass of people whispering around them.


  1. Nice for really driving enemies over the edge.

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping it'll see some use, as my players want to do a political campaign. Of course, I may have to throw in Mass Sussuration, too - it should be nice for making the natives believe that there are spirits about.

  3. Not only do I really like the spell, I love the characters and vignettes you use to introduce and illustrate your creations. Marvelous.