Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Spell: Perform Function

[Credit goes to Ze Bullete for inspiring me to write up the spell this way. He made a comment about something fading from memory faster than it could be recorded] Lynette heard the sound of hundreds of quills scratching at paper, as though an army of scribes labored to come to the end of an an immense library, though it was faster than any race could write. Impossible! Golim had said the room would be empty! Opening the door a sliver, she saw empty desks, with not a form in sight, upon which quills were writing

Level 1

Perform Function (Mage)

This spell allows a mage to cause inanimate objects to perform their function, though what that is varies from person to person (If a reasonable argument can be made for it by the player it should be allowed).


  1. Exactly what ought to be - good filling in of the blank. The fact that this kind of thing needs to be created makes me think all the more of an all-in, modular and scalable magic of the sort you hinted at the other day.

  2. Thanks! It would be interesting, wouldn't it? I'm still trying to hammer out the mechanics, but I hope to have a rough draft soon.