Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Linwaer Forest

Note: Translation may not be direct, but it conveys meaning accurately in all cases.

Dlarvsha oln liktri kistar vlorok nalshiir humans tel Linwaer Aalkidru kal tel apsiir halktinalriin iln
Home to many things that prey upon humans the Linwaer Forest is the last remaining domain of
tel Linakata li Morilar. Ykla ulnsiim yokloth jauul Annwn Riiktaal, jsaln kal nilkien iln
the fey in Morilar. At its heart lies an Annwn Tree, which is responsible for the proliferation of
jasapaliiktro huuiln tliik.
eldritch creatures within.

--Sliin Kaitvor, Tel Linwaer Aalkidru
--Sliin Kaitvor, The Linwaer Forest

Denizens of the Linwaer Forest:


"Aye, friend, 'tis a grim job, but every job needs doing. Every year there's more of 'em, and his Lordship wants his woods pure, so he does. So I set my traps each eve, and gather 'em come morn. A ha' crown for a fairy, three quarter for a gnome. Besides, next you know a child goes missing. Then you'll all come a howlin'."

[Credit to Harald of The Book of Worlds]

Will be expanded on later. However, I've been working on this for a couple of days off and on, so I figured I should get it out there. Besides, I mentioned it on The Book of Worlds, so...

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