Saturday, February 5, 2011

Idiots. Oh, and some lousy script consistency.

Watching "The Girl Who Played With Fire". Two people trapped in a building, which is on fire. Just been a fight.

Rather than pick up the chainsaw when the bad guy got distracted by the girl (A kickboxer) hitting him, and using it on him, he stands there and waits for him to finish his fight with her. She didn't think to grab it before she attacked him, but she at least had the excuse that she'd been knocked out recently, and that the fight was going between her and it.

Now her hands are tied even though they weren't when she attacked him, and he didn't tie them before he walked out. Geez people, catch that when you film it, if nothing else!

And why did the guy trapped in there kick his way out, when had a perfectly good cutting tool? I guess because the bad guy was watching? But he didn't know that! Still, even if he did, it makes more sense to turn it on and use it on him when he comes to investigate, but...

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