Monday, February 28, 2011

Talna Kriilnaar Vani

The young fae slipped the poison disc into the shoe. It may seem an odd thing for her to do, but Sticklers had killed her friends long ago.

Note: The title is fae-speech for "The Poison Disc". Also, full credit goes to Trey for the Sticklers.


  1. That's a very fresh take. I hope she'll grow out of it.

    Now for those Sticklers. Sleestak yesterday and now this. It's all too much...

  2. That's some memory you've got there! I understand better, but I do feel I owe it to all who follow to leave the link, to ease some of the potential trauma..!

  3. Well, I did have to look them up...

    Also, what on earth (or elsewhere?) is a Sleestak?

  4. Fair point. In shock though, and with trembling hands, we might not think of that..!

    Elsewhere I think, a pocket universe. That was my first thought too. Tim at Gothridge Manor had a Sleestak Sunday this week. Everyone but us seems to be in the light.

  5. That's right. I believe Trey did a post that talked about hem at one point. I will return soon with a link.