Sunday, February 27, 2011

From the Old Fortress

The sun had just begun to rise, as the stars and moon began to pale the skies. And the fortress in the mountains was the center of its light, as it began to brighten though it was still the night.

Many mages worked around him, as the Chaln began to die; for they sought to keep him there, till the healers could scry. For Death was waiting at the window, he was scratching at door; he fluttered in the rafters, and his staff clicked on the floor! They wrapped him well in magic - it was meant to slow the time. But though they wove the spells correctly, he soon fell into sleep; And as his attendants begged of them, and his queen began to weep, they channeled more into their threads, each binding ever stronger, as the space between his breaths, grew longer and still longer.

[Here I got tired of trying to fit everything into a song, and so what follows is plain words]

And so they ended up trapping the entire area in a bubble of null-time, which is why the sun is permanently just starting to rise there.


  1. No fair! You have to finish it! There is something to be said for projects that take days to complete, you know...

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