Saturday, April 16, 2011

M is for Maratu

Family: Kaedok

Branch: Inisti

Latin name: Diabolus palus

Status: Endangered (Est. pop. 150 total, 50% M/F distribution)

As a Kaedok, this demon is able to control stagnant water or brackish water; if mixed with other types it has far less control over those. It is healed by drinking or bathing in such water. Since it is of the Inisti branch, it is harmed by sunlight. Like all Kaedok, it can breathe underwater.

Maratu demons are small for Kaedok, averaging 4'-5' in height. They are covered in thick, green-grey scales, and have webbing on their hands and feet. They have a row of back curving spines down their arms, as well as claws and fangs. Their eyes are large, and have nictating membranes. Their mouths are elongated, and their head are set low, with almost no neck, but they are otherwise human. They fight with their claws and teeth, or spears and tridents. If using a trident they will most likely also have a net, and they show a marked preference for javelins in such cases. However, if using another type of spear, it will almost always be a large, thrusting weapon.

A Maratu can only be killed by exposure to sunlight. However, it will take 2 weeks (1 day if immersed in brackish or stagnant water) to regenerate if it is "killed" by any other means.

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  1. I hope I don't meet one.