Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Silistik (Sil-iss-tick) and Mikito (Mick-eee-toe)


This docile creature will happily accompany non-aggressive organisms and is either familiar with the dangers of the area or has a preternatural awareness.
It has a luxuriant and exotically-patterned fur. Silistiks make their homes in highly valuable items. The are rarely found alone.


These creature often have a large supply of edible food.
They employ a powerful sting, defending itself by striking and causing a swelling which temporarily hinders in the use of a limb. This creature is in fact a swarm. Mikito will latch onto larger prey and draws sustenance from their bodily fluids, possibly causing infection; it may go unnoticed for some time. They can vanish into thin air and will later be discovered in a pack or pocket. As a defence, Mikito unleash a powerful electrical discharge, stunning the victim and causing the temporary loss of his or her faculties, both academic and mental.

(Many thanks to Porky.)

The rest of this field guide can be found here.


  1. What sorts of valuable items do the sillistik like?

  2. Geodes, for the most part, though goblets are also good in their books.

  3. Blimey! I didn't think of stacking them up like that, but it really works. Those are some weird wee beasties you've got there!