Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I is for Internals

Internals are organically grown nanobots, found on some Worldboats. Why they are limited to certain ones is unknown, though it is believed that it was a result of the strange effects that arise when making the transfer from one universe to another. They eat the solid wastes of most passengers (logged and unlogged, though that of certain exotic species may prove unpalatable), and repair the ship. There is a small chance that they will enter and repair armor, weapons, etc. (20%, or 50% if wearing armor produced and/or worn by the original builders (though (former?) inter-faction politics could cause this chance to lower if the wrong type is worn)).

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  1. Cool post! I'm trying to squeeze in nanobots in my MS. It may or may not work. But so many possibilities with these little guys.

  2. Thanks! They are interesting, aren't they?

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you like them. I think that the next one will be a creature though... I'm not really getting any robot-y thing for K.

  4. Very cool. We've added it to the Worldboat Index Page, just like the janibots. Good stuff!