Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Libs, Mad, Rumor

A group of rumor mad libs for you all to fill in, as inspired by Telecanter's post of the same name.

To start:

[Phrase] is similar to the [Creature language] for [Deadly insult]

The [Verb] of [Noun] has [Detail]*

[Species] does [Bizzare thing] instead of [Common activity]

Feel free to post your own suggestions for more!

*I.E, Carvings, etc.


  1. Zhabo is similar to the Gnomish for "may your mother drown in a fire."

    The cry of basilisks crackles like flint breaking.

    Hobbits line dance instead of sleeping.

  2. Alright, but I call "May your sister fall from a chasm".

  3. The ghost of Python is summoned:

    May your nipples explode with delight.