Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Game: Combat and Magic Testing

What I've learned from said testing is that Trolls should be gone after in melee combat, people with low agility (1!) shouldn't be cops, and an Elf with a 19 STR and a 21 AGI is a nightmare to face. Also, mages (even ones with good guns) shouldn't fight Trolls on their own. Okay, so that's a humorous version. What I actually learned is this:

Melee combat may be unbalanced. This will probably get tweaked soon enough, but it might take actual playtesting to determine fully. After all, the Troll didn't have a weapon, and one of the Elves had a knife, and the other a shortsword, so it wasn't exactly balanced (It didn't help that the Troll couldn't manage to hit either of them after he nearly knocked out the one with the sword in the first round). More testing is needed, clearly.

Shotguns will get a plus to hit, and possibly an AoE, but they don't act like bursts from a machine gun. A maximum of 12d8 damage for one shot from a light shotgun is just too much.

Spells seem to work pretty well, but it's a bit of a pain to make them for one of the magic-using classes. Still, it's not that it's hard, as such, just that I don't have all of the stuff fleshed out for them yet.


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