Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairy Dust Harvesting Part 1

You need a live (or dead, for some varieties, but those are rare), fairy.

Then, it depends on what type you want.

Standard Dust: This is just normal Fairy Dust. Find a fairy who's terrible at cleaning, then give them a house. You can use a variety of materials ranging from milk or eggnog to moonshine, depending on the type of Fairy, to get them out of the house. Then, you sweep/dust, etc.. Make sure enough time has gone by to get a good supply.

Necromantic Dust: Used for resurrecting things ranging from bodies to projects. You'll need a dead fairy, preferably dried. Then they should be reconstituted in Water of Life, and mummified in Natron that was harvested from a graveyard. The fairy is then ground whole.

Fell Dust: Used mostly for curses or summoning some of the nastier things out there. You'll want them to be awake*. Then, you remove their wings with a specially prepared knife (Use Alik, Niri and H'tar runes on the blade). Be sure to keep them in a binding circle, to prevent side-effects. Fairies are nasty when it comes to those. After that, you'll need to boil the wings in a Black Cauldron. After that, you'll need to dry them using stored sunlight in the dark of the moon. Then you can grind up the dried wings.

Note: It is suggested that you keep the fairy in a spherical dreamcatcher for your safety.

*Because the emotional residue is important for this one. You need the fairy dust to be infused with terror and pain for this type.


  1. We sell fairy dust at my job, too. All kinds of colors, in fact. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Not sure what kind of fairy that was.

  2. I'd say it was probably a Tree or Leaf Sprite, given the wing shape.