Friday, July 8, 2011

Define - Risen Demon

Similar to the post on "Edict of The Overcoat", what is a risen demon? Specifically, what makes it different from others that aren't, or fallen angels, if anything?

The other thing you could do would be to detail a specific risen demon, and what makes it unique.


  1. Risen demons are a class once powerful demonic entities slain when the Fallen were consolidating power, but later reconstituted to serve their new masters. Some risen demons are quite literally shadows of their former selves--or are just unpleasant sensations or nightmares.

    The black wine of Elgorek was once a powerful demon, but now merely a malovelent intoxicant they urges the imbiber to ever-greater depravity and ravages the the body in a horrifyingly quick manner.

  2. Cool stuff. I think I'll hold off on my take until the end, but it's interesting to see a different point of view.