Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flash Fearsday

Flash Fearsday is a microfiction challenge: write a horror story in 140 characters or less. If you feel that is too limiting, you can try for 140 words. Flash Fearsday was started at Porky's Expanse!; however, Porky was unable to continue hosting it, at which point it moved here. What will you create for the challenge?


  1. Today there is nothing except blood. Outside it rains death. There is no peace. Yesterday was more of the same. Humanity failed and sorrow has its victor. Death comes.

  2. That's darkly grand. Well done ArmChairGeneral I say - you're making this look easy. You can always post at your blog too, and link to it from here; you have a lot going on that ties in with that theme.

    Mine is here, in symbiosis this week with another great game.

  3. "The rain washes away my sins. Bloodstains on the driveway flow away. Alas flooding fills my garden with bobbing bodies. I hear sirens."

  4. @ArmchairGeneral:

    It's a dark entry, and quite good.


    I haven't yet read yours, but I will comment on it when I do.


    That's a very effective entry, and recalls larger events. Are there any plans to continue it, perhaps into the past?


    Mine, or one of them, anyway:

    And so we searched in silence there
    For things we'd never find.
    I watched the moonlight in her hair
    Paid the greenish flash no mind.
    And we wandered 'neath the starry sky
    'til it was time to die.

    It's too long for the character counting, but it should fit comfortably within the word limit.

  5. Mine for the week is here.

    @Armchair General - An intense and evocative piece. I'm impressed!

    @Porky - Your fertile mind gives birth to some fabulous ideas. Great work, as usual!

    @Knightsheart - it seems your protagonist should have taken a more concrete approach to his disposal methods. Very creepy!

    @C'nor - I'd like to see you fill that out with the remaining 102 words. Great concept. I'd say "great execution", but in this context, it just might be misconstrued.