Friday, November 4, 2011

The Greenhouse: The Dryad's Tomb

This was originally for "How does your garden grow", over on Porky's Expanse, but I've decided that, as it was getting too long anyway, and I need something to do over here, I'm going to make an at least semi-regular series on here, detailing one place, or possibly more. So, without further ado, here's the first room in The Greenhouse to be written up:

In the antechamber before the garden, upon a stone platform directly in front of the doors, lies the body of a woman, once beautiful, but now scarred, as though horribly burned, and apparently undecaying. She wears a green dress, and is covered from the waist down by a crimson and gold shroud, which is folded back, and would cover her completely were it not.

The copper doors are twice the height of a tall man, and bear a bas-relief of a woman, who could be the one upon the platform, though as her form is unmarred in them, it is difficult to be certain.

Just beyond, in the garden itself, is an oak tree, once great, but now split and charred by fire. Though it is clearly dead, the leaves remain upon it, and nothing has claimed the spaces inside as would usually happen, nor is it rotting.


  1. Now there's a sense of place, and mystery, and something to look forward to if this is going to be a series. A very fine beginning. The oak makes me think of potential crossover with the cross-blog adventure too. In at least one scene we have the tree seeming to affect time or context.

  2. Thanks!

    I hadn't thought of that. This would be an interesting place to run into for that, wouldn't it?

    And yes, this is indeed going to be a series.