Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Greenhouse: Garden of the Fallen

Passing through the tomb of the dryad Tolriani, you enter a domed chamber, filled with strange, ashen trees, with pale white leaves. In some of them, elaborately decorated obsidian jars can be seen, the trunks slowly growing around them.

Through the chamber walk black robed people, with mirrored silver skin, and softly glowing faceted eyes, in shades ranging from a dark, almost black, purple to a bright, shining green, collecting the fallen branches, and taking them to stone platforms in the center of the room, on some of which bodies are being burned.

The scent of funerary herbs, bitter and sweet, hangs thickly in the air, given off from the pyres, and small bowls of incense set on rocks, as well as amongst the roots of the trees.


  1. For me too it's another wonderful scene, with a sense of the space and more on the culture. The sensory details add a lot.

    I'd recommend labelling the posts in the series, for the full effect in one place - they're too good to lose.