Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Titled Posts (Not Untitled)

Lords of Fire, Lords of Earth.
War the child they gave birth?
What's their nature, and their worth?

Queens of Water, Queens of Air.
Are they wolves, or do they care?
Bodes their presence ill or fair?

Lords of Darkness, Lords of Light.
Do they aid, or should we fight?
Are they killers in the night?

Queens of Glass and Queens of Ice.
Trusting them tosses the dice.
Have they slaughtered our friends twice?

Lords of Wood and Lords of Metal.
Do we have accounts to settle?
Do they want us for the kettle?

Queens of Spirit, Queens of Flesh.
Do they soul and sense refresh?
Do their goals and ours now mesh?

Lords of Time and Lords of Space.
Shifting threats that we must face?
Why we're trapped within this place?

Queens of Lock and Queens of Key.
Should we fight? We cannot flee.
Will they hold, or set us free?

Lords of Blindness, Lords of Sight.
Does our pain cause them delight?
Have they caused our current plight?


  1. @Lex-kat:

    Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it, not just your character.


    Always good to hear.