Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Eyes of the Dreamer

"Have you seen into the Dreamer's eyes? Walked your own past, or stepped into the future?

If you have, how do you know when you awoke? Or, indeed, if you have? How do you know that you aren't trapped inside his dreams, stuck in memories of the future, or reliving what you've done? Is there anything you can point to and say "Here. This is where."?

No. For even if you remember waking, you can never prove that you aren't still in that room, staring into his sleeping eyes, and watching what will come once you do.

Now you know why those who seek to know their future always end up insane. It's nothing to do with forbidden knowledge. It's the simple fact that they can't tell if they're still trapped inside their own skulls, or really walking about. Think about it."


  1. "There are competing cults. Both quite mad--or perhaps, one is quite mad and the other quite sane? But how would one know?"

    "In any case, one of these cults commits atrocities, hoping the infamies they heap upon the mind of the Dreamer will cause him to waken, and so free them. The other is firmly convinced that waking the Dreamer would end this world, that all but the dreamer is illusion--but that illusion is all we have, and all we'll ever have."

  2. Very nice! Perhaps this should be turned into a community story?