Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September of Short Adventures #1

Well, I'm very late. My apologies; I haven't had any good thoughts for adventures. This is partly because of the format I was trying to use. Therefore, I'm going to use a different one, of my own.

A scream, cut off midway. Then it gets quiet.

If I stay, I might learn more. Or be the next to break the silence.

I settle down by the grate, to listen.

(When passing a sewer grating in a mostly abandoned area, at least one party member hears a scream from it, cut off in the middle.)

How odd. It sounds like there's sand shifting down there.

(If they stay, there is a faint but noticeable sound, as of moving sand, or, if the characters would be unfamiliar with that, salt or sugar. After a few days, if they wait that long or return...)

Is that someone digging? And a crank?

(...they hear the above sounds.)

If I could just see in... There.

What are those things? And is that a body?

(If they look through the grate, they will see several Carcass Fiddlers removing a mummified body from a pit full of salt, while one turns a crank, returning a pendulum axe to its set position. Where it goes from there depends on the players.)


  1. "How odd. There's sand shifting down here.." - gobble gobble "Oh dear there goes Greg."

    The blade at the end is very creative too!

  2. That's an excellent format. A very good lead-in too - it's easy to imagine it taking off from there.

  3. Thanks to both of you! Now I need to do my next one...

  4. C'nor!

    I've put an "I Survived the osr Challenge" image on my blog for you to put up at the end of the Challenge.