Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Spell: Protection from Mnemonic Intrusion

Lynette shivered, sensing the memories beating against her shields. She was well aware of what they were, and she didn't need to see her mentor getting torn apart first-hand; she'd had enough trouble dealing with her own memories, which, gladly, only dealt with finding Nicolen's body, not what had gone before, without that. Especially since such things were hard enough to deal with even when you didn't know the person dying...

Protection from Mnemonic Intrusion:

Type: Witch/Wizard
Level: 6/6
Duration: One hour per level
Range: 100'

One of the well-known dangers of the City of Bells is that, with the amount of magic floating around, almost anything can happen. Such is the case with a Memory Stream. Some events, usually ones with great emotional content - violent death, a wedding, resurrections, or any number of other things - can cause the memories of those experiencing them to bleed into the surroundings, and, unless one is protected somehow, force them to relive the event, as well as giving them the memories as though they truly did so.

This spell provides a barrier to the vast majority of such things, and, if maintained well, by a strong mage, can prevent new ones from forming; as such, it is often kept up over the various slave markets of the City (especially those selling Raviien and Asodelians, due to the circumstances they usually become slaves under, though it's generally considered unnecessary for one specializing in Elves, since the vast majority of them enter into it voluntarily) as well as at each gate.

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