Sunday, April 8, 2012

D is for The Dreamer

Far underground in a cave, resting on an ornately carved stone slab, a person sleeps. Descriptions of this person vary; some have said they see themselves, others a tall man with short brown hair, dressed in a well-made suit, and still more a short woman wearing a red and gold dress, who has long hair, ice-white in color. Sometimes, these conflicting reports have even been gathered from members of the same party, none of whom left the room, and all of which never saw the figure on the slab alter in appearance.

That person is known as the Dreamer. What it sees in those dreams is - and, to the best of anyone's knowledge, will remain to be - a mystery. Some think it sees the future; certainly, that would fit with what the few who have dared to look into its eyes (all, sadly, now quite mad) have seen, for to them it shows their own lives, from the point that they looked into them to their death, leaving them forever wondering if they've really woken up or just seen themselves doing so.

At certain times, however, it has awoken. Why is unknown. At times of crisis it seems more likely to do so, but whether they wake it or it causes them is unclear. And occasionally, it has arisen in times of peace. But two constants do remain in its awakenings - the first is that it always has a message for someone, usually of great importance for some reason or another. Which, unfortunately for their recipients, are almost never clear; once it told an ambassaor to be sure to put out his fire before journeying. Which he did, sweeping the ashes well into a fireplace, and making sure they were quite cold. However, a lantern that he didn't extinguish burned down half of the forest the elves live in when he knocked it over while he slept.

The second is that it is far more likely to awaken when there are people about. Which is why, to get into the cave, where a person that no two people are guaranteed to think looks the same lays, one no longer has to hike. An elevator exists, under permanent and careful guard, letting in those who are no threat and wish to see it, in the hopes that one of them will cause it to stir, and deliver another message.

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