Friday, January 7, 2011

Blogwalk Fantasy #1: Waiting in Hiding

See this, and the post it links to, for what this is. Also, the backstory.

You hide in the trees on top of the hill,waiting to see what will happen to the circle of children, as the twisted beasts stalk slowly across the field towards them. While they are slinking through the tall grass, you hear a horrible screeching, and look back at the ring, to discover that one of the children has sliced the creature they are tormenting with a sharp rock. Its blood hisses and burn the grass like acid, but the girl is unhurt, although her hands are covered in it. Looking back at the advancing animals you see that they are preparing to attack.

What do you do?

Keep waiting? [Unclaimed link]

Warn the children? [Unclaimed link]

or, Retreat to Vault Hill?

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