Friday, January 7, 2011

Enemies of The Octagon, Part 1: Enter the Orcs

Rmusab Thiefthroat: The leader. He can pick locks and pockets.

Tudekb Ironarse: Lazy, hence "Ironarse".

Bduz Darkdoom: An Orc afraid of the dark? Well he is....

Kxant Evilshade: A Necromancer. He knows only Call Undead.

Nruts Ironrot: Uses only wooden weapons, as he is cursed so that any metal he touches will rust instantly.

Tnoz Bigkill: He claims he once slew a Troll. No one knows, but they don't want to challenge it either... After all, what if he did?

Xen Dreadchaos: The only lawful Orc in existence? With a name like Dreadchaos...

Dkugt Giantstench: He stinks. He really stinks. Hence Giantstench

Rnexs Giantgibber: The witch-doctor of the group. He is famous for speaking in tongues.

Tnadz Stonebelch: A druid. He can cause super heated stones to erupt from the ground, dealing 1d8 damage per hit.

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