Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pure Fiction 1 - #1: Hiding in Shadows

Okay, here's the deal: Any post with Pure Fiction in the title and/or tags will be part of the adventures of one or more of the people introduced in a fiction section of a spell, item, monster (Note to self: Use "Moonster" for something.), etc. The reason I'm doing this is that I left Lynette the Shadowed being hunted by Zanevan Spellbane in Totem Sheath, and then the next time I mention her she's safely sitting in a circle of Silver Negation, with no mention of him, or what happened in between. Also, the "pure fiction" portion may sometimes have an effect on what I do in game. For example Zanevan using witchling to refer to Lynette, even though that's completely in character for him, or the typo I made here where I had unsing. I'm now going to introduce witches as a class, though I don't know what "unsinging" will be.

Moving on to the story...

From the spell "Totem Sheath": Lynette the Shadowed fumbled hastily through her belt pouch, searching for the idol she had created weeks before, when she first learned that Zanevan Spellbane was hunting her. Finding it, she grasped the small wooden figurine - a wyvern - tightly in her hand and called the name of the spirit she had bound to it. Just as the assassin's arrow was about to strike, a protective layer of magic flared up around her, almost like a second skin, and it bounced harmlessly off.

Created for this:
Zanevan swore as the witchling used the power of some fell spirit to keep his arrow from harming her. Bad enough when the "normal" mages used shielding spells, but to summon things to protect them... He moved down the rocky hillside, stumbling over the loose pebbles that had collected there, but by the time he reached the road, she was gone.

Lynette looked back quickly. Good. The magehunter was still at the top of a hill, and not one he could get down easily. She turned and ran.

Anyway, submissions are welcome, and I may decide to do one or more of these as a "Multi-blog collaborative writing thing" at some point.

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