Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Spell: Etheric Screen

Not quite sure how to describe this one... Sorry, but no fiction on it.

Level 2

Etheric Screen (Mage)

Range: Special

Area of Effect: Special

Duration: Special

The caster of an Etheric Screen must inscribe a permanent screen in a desired location, using (Number of corners) gems of not less than 100 GP value, as well as paying a group of skilled stonecarvers (150 GP/hour) to create a relief in the desired shape. The gems will then be set at each corner. Once that is complete, the only remaining component is a sheet of metal or glass, which is carried by the caster. Any caster can contact a permanent screen from anywhere, with the contact lasting 1 hour per caster level. However, using another permanent screen allows the contact to last until one or both parties wish to cancel it. The caster level used is that of the mage initiating contact. If two permanent screens are used there is no limit on how many times a day this spell can be cast.


  1. I really like the depth of your spells; I just chuck them out there, but have stonecarvers make a relief? That is awesome.

  2. Thank you. I was inspired by the contact screens in the Elvenborn series, though, so I can't take full credit.