Friday, January 14, 2011

Gigacrawler Character 2

This one is the third (Chris Lowrance made one) Gigacrawler character created.

Native to Quadrant: Anarchistic 97

Name: Kera Nisius

Class: Crawler

Race: Android

Gender: Female.

Cha: 15 +2
Agi: 12
Phy: 6
Mag: 8
Tec: 8
Int: 16 +1
Will: 12 -1

Spider Harness
Spider Harness Operation
Unarmed Combat
Energy Weapons
.Energy Weapons (Laser)
.Archery (Modern)
..Archery (Crossbow)
.Explosives (Modern)
Uncanny Valley
Pleasure Model
Mentat Modifications


  1. I get that she, I think it is a she, though as an Android the character should always count as a neutral gender or an it. *shrugs* I mentioned in the first Gigacrawler character post I am a GM, so I think about that kind of thing.

    As I was say...uhh...typing, I get that it is a sexy android killing machine, fine. But what is all the stuff after the initial CHA 15? Please. I understand some are Adaptations, but what are they derived from please?

  2. And WILL.

    Oops, tired and proofing is not so good.

    My apologies.

  3. Actually, the reason you don't get those is: They're wrong. I was using an outdated version of Mentat Modifications so that I still got an effective +1 to CHA Pleasure Model without taking the hit to will. As such I need to fix it, since Mentat adds an additional skill, which is where I got the Explosives (Modern) from. Sorry about that.

  4. Oh, and the Female is simply because that's "her" appearance, and it helps people (including me!) remember that.