Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Spell: Totem Sheath

Testing a new format for these things, as I really like the way there's a familiar cast of characters that introduce each new spell, monster, and item over on Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets. Rest assured that these people will all be mine.

Lynette the Shadowed fumbled hastily through her belt pouch, searching for the idol she had created weeks before, when she first learned that Zanevan Spellbane was hunting her. Finding it, she grasped the small wooden figurine - a wyvern - tightly in her hand and called the name of the spirit she had bound to it. Just as the assassin's arrow was about to strike, a protective layer of magic flared up around her, almost like a second skin, and it bounced harmlessly off.

Level 2

Totem Sheath (Mage) (Witch)

Range: Personal

Duration: As long as the totem is held, or until it is destroyed. Does not count as held if the hand, tentacle, etc. is severed

This spell requires the caster to take one day to carve a small figurine from wood, stone, soap, or some other material. This does not have an effect on the strength of the spell, only on how difficult it is to break. They must then take an additional two hours to bind a spirit to the carving. When this totem is grasped, and the spirit's name called, it will protect the wielder from small weapons, such as arrows, daggers, shortswords, etc. but not longswords or weapons larger than them.

Edit: As Lynette is now a Witch, rather than a Mage, this is getting turned into a Witch spell.


  1. Great spell and how could I knock the format?:)
    When I write there is no method to my madness, sometimes I have the fiction in mind and create an item/spell/monster around it, sometimes I get inspiration from a bit of music and sometimes I am just crunched for time and I am not exactly sure how it comes together, and there is no way to tell how a post will be received. But they are all fun to write.:)

  2. Thanks! I actually cam up with this one because it was a random name, and I wanted something to go with it. And I agree that they're all fun to write.