Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Solo Warmachine Part 3: Third Mid Game Report

And once more continuing on from where we left off:

Tynnwr Pell ((Tin-wer Pell) One of the Reapers, it's Welsh for Far Puller), shot Lektrik with a harpoon. Since the damage roll was a 5, and he had 2 boxes left, Lektrik became the 2nd casualty for the Swans. The rest of the Cygnaran reinforcements arrived. One of the Whirlwinds moved forward to get a better view, but the wrecks still kept him from getting a clear line of sight. The Tremor (named Richter) was deployed at a carefully chosen spot, so that he doesn't end up knocking down any friendly units as he went around, and the new Whirlwind joined the other one that was hanging back. There was an attack made by Lektra but it missed the Skarlock. The 5th Sartalis received the next part of their group. Pladur Defnyddiwr ((Pla-dur Deaf-ny-widder) The other Reaper - the name is Welsh for Scythe User) shot at Lektra, and hit for 3 damage. There was a slight problem at this point, namely that Lektra's damage sheet had been misplaced, but it was resolved at the next attack, as I knew she didn't have enough to soak up the extra 4. Third casualty for the Swans. Slayer advances into the wreck of B2. Richter moves further around - he'll be able to get close to the 5th Sartalis next turn, assuming that they don't move away. Next, all the Whirlwinds attacked the Slayer. They got twenty attacks. The first did 2 boxes, the 2nd missed, the 3rd did 5. Yikes. Fortunately, the 4th hit, but it bounced off the Slayer's armor. Anyway, a bunch of hits later, and the Slayer goes down. I doubt I'll try moving on them again any time soon. Maybe with Reapers. Anyway, moving on past the digression... One Reaper harpooned Richter, and dragged him into melee range. Using both attacks, I was able to hurt him pretty badly. The second Reaper did the same, which resulted in fresh raw materials for House of Paincakes. Richter then retaliated by hitting the one on the left (His right), and beating him up some. The two Whirlwinds who'd been hanging back moved into line with the third. Then the rightmost Reaper repeated what he'd done before, and destroyed Richter. At this point the game is likely to end in a stalemate, as the Whirlwinds couldn't survive ending their turn in range of the Reapers, and the Reapers couldn't stand up to the barrage of fire if they end their turn in in sight of the Whirlwinds. As such, the next post will likely take place in the Bloodstone Marches, especially a Cygnaran factory that has been nabbed by the Cryx.

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