Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Setting

Well, I decided that I wanted to mess about some more with modern or near past/future settings. Here's the one I'll be tinkering with (and hopefully getting you guys to help tinker - I hope it's interesting enough for that.):

The basic premise is that it's a modern, or near future time period, probably at most 2012-2015. There are a few differences, but the major one is that there are vampires, and possibly other "legendary" creatures (more on those others later. For now, let's focus on the vampires). That doesn't mean that we have something where there's a murder every other day and two on the weekends. If that were the case, all of the vampires would have been wiped out already. There are rules, specifically (Just the main two - reasonable ones will be added later on):

  1. Don't reveal yourself to a human unless you're okay with turning them, taking them as a servant, or killing them. There are exceptions, but following this is the only way to be completely sure that you're safe.
  2. Those without knowledge of the rules are not to be punished for breaking them.
In addition to those rules, each area will have certain laws that are unique to it.

What I'm seeing the best quality of this setting being is that it's versatile, for a number of reasons. I'll get back to this once I've explained the power structure of the vampires:
The first thing you need to know is the difference between a Clan and a Tribe. Clans are a particular bloodline, usually with their own powers, and possibly appearance depending on which clan it is. Tribes are groups with the same general goals, but they don't need to be related. There are also Independent vampires, but they can be from either one. Clans and Tribes will both take in those vampires that, for one reason or another, haven't been trained in the rules. Clans will dump them once they're trained, unless they test as a member of a Clan, in which case, they'll take them to them. Tribes will adopt them if they fit in well.

So, just from that you can choose to do lots of different things. You could do the different politics between factions, you could have a war going on, you could be someone researching something independently...

Let's take a look at that last one, shall we?

My thought is, if you choose to be looking for something at the start of the game, you get to build a section of the world. If someone say they're searching for a cure for Burblington's Disease, the disease gets added. If they're looking for a producer of Adorphenine (a combat drug), then Adorphenine exists, although the producer might be elsewhere. There are restrictions of course - if you're looking for something that's only rumored to exist, those rumors might be wrong. This only applies if you actually play the character, or have a good reason why you don't (illness, moving, etc.).

What I'm hoping for help with is the various factions, etc. The format I want is this:



Genealogy (if applicable):

Major members:


If you want to make NPC or characters, this uses Shadowrun 1e rules, which I'll explain if needed.

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