Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, This Is Random

First off, sorry about the short hiatus from posting. I'll be putting up the results of the "How Do I Kill It?" soon.

I was actually thinking about something for another blog (not mine, but the owner is taking reader feed back right now). Anyway the gist of it was that you'd write down some things in a language, the chop them in half. Give the players the sheet where they aren't chopped up. Then have one NPC speak in the bits-and-pieces version of the language. For my version it was "Laconic" as a play on Draconic, but it would work with anything. Anyhow, this inspired me to do a post on languages in my Morilar setting. Sadly, Trollish is not on the menu for this post, as I have to do six different languages first, so that my players will be kept guessing about what kind of thing Trolls originated from. Actually, make that seven. Tla'mxi should play a part in it too.


Tla; Wolf
Mxal: Run
Mxi: Runner
Aervi: Troll
Naedli: Hunt
Naedlis: Hunter
Naedlisan: Hunters
Tarki: Leader
Tarkin: Leaders
Hastri: Dead
Hastril: Dying
Haslirk: Undead
Kasdarlik: Fear
Nogghala (Nog-Guh-hala): Life
Trukslin: Not
Lorgghana (Lorg-Guh-Hana): You
Gihhik: I
Lahastri: Do

Sample sentence: Gihhik lahastri trukslin kasdarlik lorgghana (I do not fear you).

Elemental Common:

Rhuk: Fire Elemental
Earll: Water Elemental
Ghasstr: Earth Elemental
Jirruln: Air Elemental
Lakktiir: Fight
Lakktiira: Fighting
Lakktiiraani: War
Inaariitkkal: Peace
Holg: Death
Holgesun: Dying
Gloh: Life
Nusegloh: Living
Lkritii (Luh-crit-eee): Undead
Gorlak: Fear
Jaln: I
Hiktar: Not
Astarni: Light (As in "There was a great deal of light")
Astarnien: Light (As in "Should I light the the torch?")
Astarnia: Lighting
Astarnial: Lit, as in "He lit the candles"
Astarnialan: Lit, as in "A well lit room"
Rudkhaal: Candles
Draksheem: Lightning
Roodkleer: You
Loktiir: Do
Kraglorsh: Want (As in "Do you want to me to make something to eat?")
Guhhashkii: Need
Halktiir: Me
Luuktirn: To (As in "Do you want me to...?"
Laaktiirn: To (As in "This is to give to her")
Jaarkti: Make
Ehktu: Food (For an elemental this may be the same as "Fuel" in some cases but it is used as we would define "Food")

Sample sentence: Loktiir roodkleer kraglorsh halktiir luuktirn jaarkti ehktu? (Do you want me to make food?)

Stay tuned for the next few languages, as well as updates to these.

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