Monday, January 24, 2011

Solo Warmachine Part 2: Second Mid Game Report

This was going to be the end battle report. But, since I decided to test out a houserule for reinforcements, and I didn't get around to playing yesterday, it's still going.

Quick goal overview:

Have at least 1 model left alive when the other side is gone, or have no models of either side remaining.

Picking up where we left off:

B2 moved forward and left and hit Lektra, doing 6 points of damage. He didn't quite move into her back arc, which meant she couldn't use her hooks on him. The damage she took crippled her left arm , and she fled 6" forward, over the wreck of B1. Lektrik continued his missing streak (Although that's not really fair to him. This had only been going for two rounds). L2 (Storm, another Leaper) moved 6" around the large elevation (He was on a lamp where I'd set him a while before starting. As you can see, I wasn't really prepared for this battle) he was on, so that he was closer to the ground, and could hopefully survive the fall. B2 went for Lektrik and, I'm fairly sure, missed. Storm jumped down at this point, taking 18 boxes. He tried to hit B2, but, again, missed. Lektrik took a shot at B2, and actually managed to hit this time. I think that he did 2 points of damage, but it was a while ago. There's something to be said for writing these sooner. B2 counterattacked Lektrik, and did 7, crippling his right arm., and beating up his left one pretty badly. Storm and Lektrik both fled. B2 used his free strikes on each, but didn't manage to damage either one. B2 moved after them, and was able to destroy Storm. (Here's where houserules start coming into play - there aren't any rules for getting reinforced, so I made some) Here, since both sides were down by one third (Actually, I rolled because I was getting desperate for some help on the Cryx side - I still had a leaper to take care of, and Lektra wasn't going to stay out forever, but it turned out that the Cryx were at half strength, and the Cygnar 2/3rds, so that became the rule). As it turned out they would have been better off with out it! The Cygnar got 3 Whirlwinds (d6 for rapid fire, but they cost 12), and a Tremor (An Ironclad, but just moving about causes the ground to shake for 1" around them, and they cost 10), while the Cryx rolled low and got nothing. This led to further adaptation of my house rule, specifically that any reinforcements above Light Warjacks enter the turn after they're rolled, and that you can only place half of any Heavy Warjacks you get as reinforcements then, though the next half come on at their next turn (Yeah, I was favoring the Cryx. Still, it's a fair rule outside of this specific spot). Lektra moved up, turned her back to B2, and put him in a headlock with the hooks. Lektrik then moved in and did a few damage. I broke free of the lock, then rolled for reinforcements again, and got 2 Reapers, a Slayer, and a Skarlock. Since I really needed to get someone who wasn't likely to get blown up in the next round onto the table now, I converted one of the Reapers to a Defiler. Not a bad trade at that point, as it allowed me to Burst my Burster, and cripple just about everything on Lektrik. As this was now the Cygnar turn, I brought two of the Whirlwinds into play, and was beaten pretty badly by them. Having, in effect, d24 shots taken at you with metal storms will put some serious injuries onto a Warjack. I took a shot at the Whirlwinds, but didn't realize what the SP in front of the range meant, and I forgot that it had an ongoing corrosion effect, so it wasn't as effective as it could have been. I then fled, taking the damage from the free strikes (Yeah, I know those shouldn't have been done for a ranged attack.) to my head somehow, and having it crippled as a result. Lektrik couldn't attack, and Llysnafedd (No clue how that's pronounced, but it means Slime in Welsh) wasn't in range of Lektra. The Whirlwinds didn't have line of site either. Next turn I brought on a Reaper and the Skarlock. That's where I'm at right now.

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