Monday, March 7, 2011

ADMT Group Project: Rooms 4 & 5

Room 4:

In the center of this chamber, there is a pillar reaching to the ceiling. On it is the inscription "Aktrii namelsa undeearn liiktro", or "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If all sentient beings in the room think of something that they find particularly appealing, a door will appear in the lower right corner of the room, leading to room 5.

Room 5:

This room contains a "Kiidtriin Namorsil", or "Compendium of Monsters", containing information on the strengths and weaknesses of skeletons and carrion crawlers, with an even more detailed section on fire beetles.

+2 to hit and damage against the first two, +4 against fire beetles.

Notes on the previous post:

This is a sublevel in an area formerly inhabited by a group of elves who were on the losing side of a war. The last of them inhabit this area, and are being killed off by the new "residents", though the war is now over.


  1. Good ideas here, and bound together well. I like the strong sense of the wider setting in 5 and the note.

  2. Thanks. That probably comes from having these be the same ones that made the Octagon Dungeon.